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Artist: PackFMTitle: whutduzFMstand4?Rating: 4 StarsReviewed by: Andrew Kameka Subterranean vet answers doubters with well-rounded broadcast. The call for rappers to return to their New York sh*t is growing louder, but not everyone wants to answer. Emerging from Hip-Hop’s Mecca with his own ambitious style is the cocksure (pause) PackFM. The Brooklyn-native avoids the labels placed… Read more »



The Procussions: Bang the Drum Slowly

W hen you think of Colorado, a few things instantly come to mind: high altitude, thin air, Kobe Bryant, and rehabilitation facilities. Hip-Hop music does not necessarily roll off the tongue. As it turns out, the city of Colorado Springs is the stomping ground of three MCs who would eventually come together to form The… Read more »



Olympus Fashion Week – Fall 2006 Collections

Olympus Fashion Week 2006 took over the streets of New York City from February 3 through February 10, bringing out every New Yorker’s inner supermodel. Outside of Bryant Park’s tents, the week-long barrage of festivities kicked off with Hot 97’s “Full Frontal Fashion” show on Friday, February 3 at Hammerstein Ballroom. This annual event hosted… Read more »



Atmosphere: Letters from the Road

Slug and Ant are the lords of the underground. As Atmosphere, they have pioneered the proof that hip-hop could survive in a new city, like Run DMC. They followed the blueprint of the culture: performing, similar to KRS-One. There isn’t many Saturday nights in the year where Slug isn’t behind a microphone entertaining the masses…. Read more »