Breeding Ground

Interpretations: YC The Cynic "The Heaviest Cross"

YC The Cynic, is a manifestation of his native Bronx aka Hip-Hop’s birthplace, and he continues to cultivate his niche within the evolving genre. His previous mixtapes You’re Welcome and Fall FWD, resonate with the logophiles who appreciate fluid wordplay. GNK, the début album with producer, Frank Drake, reflects the emerging MC’s mental dexterity in conjunction with an easy delivery…. Read more »


Mental Supreme Brings The Unsigned Celebrity Concert Series Back To NYC

It is very rare that we get a legit opportunity to view amazing talent from around the country at one event. Many times we are asked to check out showcases that display talent that just isn’t up our alley….but thankfully we’ve come across an event that we think will be something doper than anything we’ve… Read more »