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EXCLUSIVE: R. Kelly’s Lawyer Rips Government’s Request For Additional 25 Years In Prison

“It is the government that fails to grasp that Kelly still enjoys a few constitutional and statutory protections that allow him to challenge the government’s take on the evidence and advocate for an appropriate sentence without being labeled a monster who has no remorse,” Jennifer Bonjean writes. “The jury that heard this case seemed to respect those basic principles of our criminal justice process […] In reality, no one grasps the seriousness of the crimes for which Kelly was convicted more than Kelly.”

R. Kelly

EXCLUSIVE: Ice-T Explains Why He Was Anxious Heading Into Grammys Hip-Hop Tribute

Ice-T was among the 27 artists who took the stage at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards last Sunday (February 5). The Original Gangster was tasked with performing a special segment celebrating Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary. Executive produced by Questlove and introduced by LL COOL J, the roughly 12-minute performance boasted appearances from Public Enemy, Run-DMC, Queen […]