Bigga Dre Fights For Missing Black Girls And Women

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Bigga Dre has a bigger cause – missing Black girls and women.

Did you know there are an estimated 64,000-75,000 Black women and girls are currently missing in the U.S. alone? That staggering number excludes global stats. This has not garnered headlines, flown through social media and has not been a concern of government officials. Some groups like Black and Missing Foundation, Inc. and others have managed to pull CNN away from Trump coverage to momentarily address missing Black people and human trafficking.

This sinister practice, according to the government, is the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.” On top of that, both adults and children can be forced into prostitution, forced labor or even as servants. This goes so much deeper and there is a rapper that is attempting to bring light to Hip-Hop. His name is Bigga Dre.

To get help from the National Human Trafficking Hotline:1-888-373-7888or text HELP or INFO toBeFree (233733)

Bigga Dre has taken the cause of missing African American girls and women on his back. His song,Eschatology (Bring Our Girls Back), addresses a startling, stark reality. Tens of thousands of Black women and girls are missing from their homes, families and nobody seems to care. These human tragedies turn innocents into abductees, sex trafficking victims, slaves and underscores American racism, sexism, and poverty along racial lines. Bigga Dre taks about the sordid facts and why this needs to be front and center of our collective consciousness.

AllHipHop:  Why was it important for you to address this crisis of missing a Black girls and women in song?

Bigga Dre: As a melaninated Black Man that belongs to the community at large, we all have  a obligation and responsibility to be the protectors of the Black (melaninated) woman and child it is our culture and culture is the glue that keeps the community (common unity) together. 

AllHipHop: In your opinion, why are there so many girls/women missing and why don’t there seem to be headlines about this?

Bigga Dre: A nation can only rise as high as it’s woman and the  reason our women are going missing at such a disproportionate rate is because we are still experiencing the social, psychological, and physical  effects of the  “MAAFA,”  which is the global African Holocaust  slave-trading of melaninated (Black) people by Europeans, Arabs, and some of our own people who conspired as well from the 1440s to the late 1800s even till this day.

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The reason there are little to no headlines of this terrible occurrence is  because our community has been targeted by  COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) which was designed to discredit, disrupt, and destroy Black Leaders and organizations who  have the ability to unify, mobilize, and inspire the present and next generation with correct information. ie: Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Malachi Z. York, The Black Panther Party  just to name a few. “Our people perish for a lack of knowledge” alot of us are unaware that over 75,000 Black (melaninated) women/girls  are currently missing! The reason you don’t see too many headlines about this “terrible occurrence” is because the world rarely empathizes  with issues that negatively affect our people until it becomes an eye sore or other ethnic groups experience an increase of the same encounters. 

Also there are a lack of funds and resources to create our own platforms or even appeal to media outlets with large followings that generally promote props for press and rumors for rates. 

AllHipHop: I recently saw a report about missing girls and women from the UK. Do you think there is a connection? If so, what is it?

Bigga Dre:  There is definitely a connection and it is global like the pandemic. Human trafficking is based on capitalism as it involves organ transport and harvesting as seen in Philadelphia with the case with 14-year old Katricia “Tree” Africa and 12-year-old Delisha Africa of the “MOVE organization” whose bones were transported for over 30 years and examined by multiple universities without the knowledge or consent of their family. Logisticly there is no limits to Human Trafficking when you factor in incidents like the Biological Resource Center in Phoenix  whose owner Stephen Gore, was convicted in 2015 of running an illegal enterprise,  for selling body parts.

There are also Pedophile sex trafficking financiers such as the case with 66 year old Billionaire Jeffery Epstein who traveled with under age girls to Paris, London, Slovakia, Mexico, Morocco etc. Epstein owned  homes in Palm Beach and New York City not to mention a 70-acre private island in the Caribbean called Little St. James “Island Of Sin”. Lastly we must include the complexity of this issue which directly explores the present day slave trades in Libya, school to prison pipeline in this country, and the prison industrial complex here and abroad!

AllHipHop: Do you think that this music and this effort that you’re pushing will reach the masses? Final Words and Links.  

Bigga Dre: YES! Eschatology (Bring Our Girls Back) is available on all digital platforms people around the world will continue to purchase, stream, and support because once they hear the song they automatically connect and feel the conviction which allows them to see with clear vision and automatically respect my intention.

I am asking a few things of those that see this:

First, repost the visual clip throughout social media and online with the HashTag #Eschatology #BringOurGirlsBack and use the theme music from the actual song to create other Reels, Tik Tok, Short Films/Videos, documentaries and so on.

Support the campaign, by hitting this link: or go to 

Tips: Never travel alone and if you do always tell a family or friend. Be mindful and cautious of your interactions with others on social media. Keep your eyes open for unmarked cargo vans with no windows . 

4. Watch the company you keep whether it be friends, suspicious  characters in your neighborhood, even close and distant relatives!

5. Last but certainly not least put on your Armour of God ( The Most High) not in a religious sense but in a practical sense BE SAFE OUT THERE for we are living in the last day and times ! 

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To get help from the National Human Trafficking Hotline:1-888-373-7888or text HELP or INFO toBeFree (233733)