PART 3: Canibus Questions Rap Fans, His “Haters,” The Puppet Masters & Wonders If Hip-Hop Is Cursed


Part 3 of our Canibus interview is here and the final installment delves even deeper into why the rapper is so affected by the fans and the industry. Love, Life and Legacy!

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The last part of our interview series with Canibus is a revealing, somber reminder of how rigorous the rap industry can be. Not only that, but it is also a massive “monster” that still manages to have “puppet masters,” according to the Jamaican-born rhyme master. His views on rap fans are so pointed that he confesses to getting stage fright from their “thoughts” as materialized in social media comments sections. He even suggests that their efforts are to get him to “eat the gun” – suicide. “They hate my face…they hate my beats,” he says in jest, excluding his ardent loyal following. For these reasons and others, he considers Hip-Hop is in the midst of a spiritual war. “Rap music: either the people are cursed or the music is cursed,” he says. He discusses matter-of-factly why there is nothing he MUST do in Hip-Hop these days as well as why he is just an observer in the culture at this point. However, the conversation with Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur does not end on a negative note. Check out this interview with one of the best to ever do it: Canibus.

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