Dave East Tells All In AllHipHop’s New Podcast, Preview It Here

Dave East - Press Shot

Check out some of the behind the scenes images of AllHipHop’s first podcast with Dave East. Also, listen to East’s latest project.

Dave East is a man of many talents. The Harlem spitter is holding it down for New York City right now, but his brand has leapt into worldwide superstardome. He has accomplished so much in a short period of time, but he is also climbing steadily atop another mountain.

And yet some things stay the same.

He just released a new project called How Did I Get Here? (HDIDH), where he gets deep but leaves much for fans to long for. The album is very personalbut he holds back just enough (9 songs) that will cause a demand for more. And more is what he gives us.

He glided through WonWorld Studios with Chuck Creekmur a.k.a. Jigsaw and SlopsShotYa as the inaugural first guest of the spankin’ brand new AllHipHop podcast (Nems was the 2nd). With DJ Boy Wonda behind the boards, metaphorically speaking, the podcast was a spirited conversation East, who really has grown right before our eyes.

East didn’t deflect any conversation at all. He talked about his ability to still create incredibly engaging music, his burgeoning acting career, his life as a father, Nipsey and the state of Hip-Hop right now as the culture approaches its 50th anniversary. Right there in the middle is Dave East, a pillar of New York rap.

Let’s go, East!

Photos by Tiana @iamcomplex.