Shyheim: Back From Hell

As the youngest affiliate of the Wu-Tang Clan, Shyheim “The Rugged Child” hit the scene at the age of 14. He was lyrically impressive and dropped 1996’s The Lost Generation way before Lil’ Bow Wow and Romeo would hit the scene. He came up as a native of Staten Island and even lived with Ghostface […]

The Game: Joe Budden

Game tells his side of the story behind the beef with Joe Budden. Read on. Let’s just talk about the whole beef situation and how it started. You know Joe has already kind of said what he felt how it started but, what’s your view on how it started? Game: Everybody wants to know […]

Joe Budden: The Game

Rappers Joe Budden and The Game have a bit of a lyrical feud going on. After an appearance on a DJ Clue song, in which they recorded separately, Game took one of Joe’s lyrics as a personal diss to G-Unit and eventually released the scathing diss song dubbed "Buddens" Set to Ice-T’s “Colors,” the Compton-reared […]

Big L: 1974 – 1999

"The Danger Zone," 1999. The world of Hip-Hop and all of its adoring fans were seemingly still reeling from the aftershocks of the tragic and untimely deaths of two of its finest, 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. Senseless acts of violence had run its course and the music world had suffered a mighty blow. Little […]