KRS-One: Word Perfect

We all know about KRS-One: The master, the teacher, the poet, the philosopher, the B-boy. But to what degree do we appreciate Kris? While he’s never been short on his zeal, Kris doesn’t ask much in return. How active are most MC’s approaching their twentieth year of making records? In KRS’ own words, “Why is […]

Ice T: Gangsta Superior

Ice T is perhaps the most understated legend of hip-hop music. EVER. As the original gangster of hip-hop, his influence, is represented in nearly every aspect of the genre seen today. While Schoolly D fathered it, Ice populated it, making it possible for Eazy E. NWA, and every other n#### with an attitude to have […]

Juvenile: Brand New Day

Juvenile getting back with Cash Money is like N.W.A. reunion that everybody longed for. Juve’s return marks the return of the label’s greatest selling rapper and a mending of past beefs – sort of. While his foray alone didn’t get exactly as he planned, the Magnolia representer is taking it back to ’98 with his […]