Blueprint: Undaground Legend

“Be in Columbus, never seen Bow Wow” – Cam’ron from “What’s Really Good” This may come as a surprise to some, but Columbus, Ohio actually has a thriving hip-hop community, one that existed prior to a prepubescent pup began reppin’ for the CO (via the ATL). MHz, Copywrite, RJD2, and many other Columbus area hip-hop […]

Cormega: Life Of An Outlaw

Cormega isn’t the type to let obstacles slow him down. From being shelved on a major label, to releasing two albums that he feels were not promoted properly, the Queens Bridge bred rapper maintains a positive attitude. Cormega reveals the true meaning of hard work, diligence and maturity. What’s going on? Cormega: I’m just […]

Bone Crusher: No Escapin This

Bone Crusher has spent over 10 years in the rap game’s wings, waiting for his chance to soar. Waiting patiently and learning from some of the industry’s most successful moguls, Bone Crusher absorbed the knowledge of those around him and is ready to drop it on the rest of the world. Underlying his violent content, […]

Inspectah Deck: Rebel Yell

Swinging the lyrical sword of the chosen few Inspectah Deck takes on his personal ills with no fear. Still, INS has survived years of label turmoil and has settled in at a new home with Koch Entertainment/In the Paint Records with new comforts. Here he revels in his past successes and obstacles and his desire […]

Flo Brown: Inevitable

I’ve never been alive and there wasn’t hip-hop. That is why I feel like I’m fortunate to have this in my life. I’m blessed. –Flo Brown The relationship between an individual MC and hiphop is one that can be observed through the artist’s musical execution. Some emcees have a relationship with hiphop that is strictly […]

Stagga Lee: Testaments

Stagga Lee knows he is getting a raw deal, but he can’t seem to convince minions of rap fans of this. Nevertheless the Bronx-born, Yonkers-reared rapper assures himself and his detractors that his time is now, like it or not. A fan of the greats [Kool G Rap, Rakim, KRS-One], Stagga could, quite possibly be […]

Obie Trice: No Gimmicks

Before anybody knew Obie Trice they knew his name. Eminem set it up perfectly on the intro to his smash single, "Without Me," allowing the Detroit rapper to open the song proclaiming "Obie Trice, real name, no gimmicks." Obie Trice has patiently waited for the limelight, putting in work and building a name for himself […]

Twista: Coat Of Arms

Twista’s dreams of hip-hop superstardom have been deferred more times than a little bit. Twista is widely accepted as one of the rap word’s most talented wordsmiths. His rhythmic, staccato delivery has endeared him to legions of fans while mainstream notoriety, of the MTV and endorsement deal variety, has continually eluded his grasp. Lacking any […]

David Banner: The Fire This Time

"What has four eyes, but can’t see?" Gene Hackman queries his co-star Willem Defoe in the landmark 1988 film, "Mississippi Burning." Defoe replies, "I don’t know. What has four eyes, but can’t see?" Hackman answers, "Mississippi." Playing two FBI agents who’ve been sent to Mississippi in 1964 to investigate the disappearance and eventual murder of […]


When you think of musical Mecca’s, Cincinnati, Ohio may not be the first place that comes to mind. However, for the better part of three decades, from the nineteen-sixties up through the late nineteen-eighties, the ‘Nati was the birthplace of some of the most important R&B, funk, and soul records to ever be produced. Legendary […]


ALLHIPHOP: So what’s your current situation with MCA, is it a label deal, production deal, artist deal? HI-TEK: It’s an artist deal, Hi-Tek as an artist. I just do whatever kinda album I wanna do. That’s what MCA is really about. ALLHIPHOP: So are you gonna have the option of introducing new artists, bringing new […]