DJ Q-Bert: Skratch Savage

DJ QBert is one of Hip Hop’s biggest icons. However, to identify him as just a DJ is incredibly short sighted. QBert recently contributed some of his music to the new martial arts DVD 101 Submissions Vol. 2, which is available now at It features some of the world’s greatest grappling masters in their […]

AG: Mixtape Myth Or Master

What started as illegal bootlegging is today in 2004 an ever growing, strategically organized marketing plan. Mixtapes gets new artists from the music industry out to the masses as quick as possible. The man behind the machine, mixtape distributor AG, has positively exploited this market. He is the medium that carries underground music from its […]

Rhymefest: Walk The Line

Rhymefest is getting a heavy career jump-start. The recent turmoil of whether he wrote all, some, or none of Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Walks’ has overshadowed Rhymfest’s stellar bootleg mix, Blue Collar, and his heavy appearances on albums from Old Dirty and Mark Ronson. But there’s a reason Rhymefest is in the media blitz. He’s on […]

GURU: Brainstorm

Like Eazy-E juggling success between N.W.A. and his illustrious solo career, GURU first proved that he could be huge whether the MC for Gangstarr or the host with the most on his Jazzmatazz releases. So many new talents have unveiled new labels and introduced boring artists while true visionaries like GURU have let his Ill […]

The Game: Man or Machine

Game recognized The Game. Dr. Dre signed the Compton neophyte to Aftermath, 50 Cent marketed him as his West Coast G-Unit soldier, and The House That Jimmy Iovine Built, Interscope Records, will distribute his debut album. Not bad company for a fledging rapper. But with all the attention surrounding Game aka Chuck Taylor—whether due to […]