Treach Speaks On New Show "Southside", Calls It "Mix between Sopranos and The Wire"

Treach Speaks On New Show “Southside, Calls It “Mix between The Sopranos and The Wire”

(AllHipHop News) New York City in the 80’s will soon return in the upcoming series South Side, written, directed and created by Taheim Bryan.The series, based on true events, centers around the lucrative drug trade in South Side Jamaica, Queens in the 80’s and the Drug Enforcement unit’s attempt at abolishing it.

The cast includes rappers turned thespians Treach and Method Man with the former likening the new series to two of televisions greatest shows of all time in an interview with AllHipHop:

“It’s like the Supreme Team in the 80’s. It’s a series. It’s not just a film or a short. It’s a series they are doing that is called called South Side. Taheim called me up to be one of the top knotch drug dealers in the South side. It’s a mix between Sopranos and The Wire but it’s in 80s and it’s Hip Hop. It’s Kangols, and FILA suits and gazelles.”

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The series’ centerpiece is a drug organization which accumulated over $200,000 in drug sales per day and its subsequent rise and fall. However, Bryan designed the series to provide more than a commentary on the drug trade in the 80’s:

South Side series is special for Queens because South Side Jamaica is a place every city has, but for us we call it home. For years Queens was always looked at as an understatement, while Brooklyn was considered as the voice of NY. Though in all actually Queens is and has always been a house hold name that birthed many influential people from different walks of life, whether entertaining or the underground world. Like Russell Simmons, Run DMC, LL, Nas, Mobb Deep, Juice Crew, Large Professor, Tennis great John Mcenroe, Former 1st lady Nancy Reagan, Donald Trump, Tribe called Quest, the list can go on and on. So stay tuned for the untold story in South Side.”

There is no release date for the series.

Check out scenes from South Side below: