Eminem Saved Some Surprises For “The Death Of Slim Shady” Album

Eminem‘s latest album, The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce), has arrived. Released at the magical hour of midnight ET on Friday (July 12), the project marks a significant chapter in the Academy Award-winning MC‘s career, symbolizing a farewell to his infamous alter ego, Slim Shady.

The album delves into themes of self-reflection, growth and the duality of his identity, offering listeners a deeper understanding of the man behind the persona. With a mix of pop culture-flavored lyrics and a bevy of diverse beats, Eminem showcases his proven lyrical prowess and storytelling ability, maintaining his status as one of Hip-Hop’s most influential artists.

Hours before its release, Em tweeted some instructions for his ever-loyal Stans: “Public service announcement: the ‘death of slim shady’ is a conceptual album, therefore, if you listen to songs out of order they might not make sense. Enjoy.”

Eminem originally announced the follow-up to 2020’s Music to Be Murdered By in late April.

The first single, “Houdini,” featured Eminem’s signature rapid-fire delivery and complex rhyme schemes as he explored themes of escapism and reinvention, drawing parallels between the legendary escape artist and Eminem’s own career. “Houdini” has been praised for its clever wordplay and intricate production, demonstrating Eminem’s ability to remain relevant in an ever-evolving music landscape. The song’s energetic tempo and catchy hook make it a standout track, amassing more than 228 million streams on Spotify alone.

“Tobey,” the album’s second single, took a more reflective approach, delving into the challenges and pressures of fame. Named after Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire, the track uses his experiences in Hollywood as a metaphor for Eminem’s own journey in the music industry. The song’s introspective lyrics and mellow beats provide a stark contrast to the more aggressive tone of “Houdini,” showcasing Eminem’s versatility as an artist. ”

The album also includes a sequel to “Guilty Conscience” featuring Dr. Dre, which appeared on 1999’s The Slim Shady LP. The song included a crude reference to former Pump It Up! host Dee Barnes, who Dr. Dre assaulted in 1991. As he rapped in 1999, “That’s what I did, be smart, don’t be a retard/You gonna take advice from somebody who slapped Dee Barnes?/What you say?/What’s wrong? Didn’t think I’d remember?”

The new version doesn’t acknowledge the assault but does address his use of the word “retarded” and finds Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers swapping conflicting verses.

Listen to the album above and revisit the “Houdini” video starring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and more below.

Druski Skit Trends After Jonathan Majors’ Viral Reaction To Meagan Good & Michael Ealy Hug

Druski has responded to the touchy-feely interaction Michael Ealy and Meagan Good recently shared that has promptly caused social media users to compare Jonathan Majors’ reaction to one of the comedian’s skits.

The interaction between the two took place at the PowerPlayers Mix & Mingle event in Los Angeles that Good attended with Majors. Footage of a photo-op from the event went viral after social media users began reacting to Ealy greeting Good by scooping her off of her feet with a hug, to which appeared to cause her to shriek with excitement.

The video caused users to speculate further after it appears as though Ealy failed to dap-up Majors after posing for a photo with him and Good and Los Angeles artist D Smoke and his partner.

Comedian and creator of the “85 South Show,” Karlous M, also reacted to the video in a series of tweets, the first of which he wrote, “This n###a disrespectful.”

“Hug my girl, pick her up and then don’t acknowledge me… yikes,” a user on Twitter (X) wrote in a tweet containing the video.

In another followed up in another tweet he added, “I had to put my phone down and walk away when I saw it,” in response to a user suggesting they would’ve tweaked if it had been their girl.

Though sources claim that Majors and Ealy spoke for a prolonged period prior to his interaction with Good, users immediately began revisiting and comparing the clip to the insecure boyfriends skit Druski shared last year. The skit in question features comedian Ben Da Don in which the Coulda Been Records CEO looks on in a similar fashion as his girlfriend hugged on another man far little too closely.

Users even began comparing the facial expressions the two exhibited in the videos, claiming the look on Majors’ face accurately mirrored the artificial rage and jealousy Druski hilariously depicts in the skit.

And to make matters even worse, Druski even reacted to the video in a tweet of his own in which he wrote, “WE ALL BEEN THERE BROTHER.”

It’s worth noting that Good is celebrating the release of her new film Divorce In The Black streaming on Amazon, and that she starred in the 2019 film The Intruder alongside Ealy, which is why morale is likely high between the pair. Good also recently spoke highly of her partner, revealing that he makes her feel peace while also vowing to never stray from his side.

Additionally, Druski is seemingly coming out of a messy separation from his rumored girlfriend Rubi Rose, which could explain why he possibly responded to the clip the way he did. It would appear as though things aren’t as they seem, and all is well.

However, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, then the look on Majors’ face in the screenshots trending on social media tell a story that is like double the aforementioned word count.

Watch the video above.

Former Kodak Black Associate SteveWillDoIt Arrested In Fake Mustache At Universal Orlando

YouTube personality SteveWillDoIt (real name is Stephen Rocco Deleonardis) recently found himself behind bars after a run-in with the law at Universal Orlando.

According to TMZ, the internet star was arrested by the Orlando Police Department on Wednesday (July 10) for trespassing, following a previous ban from the theme park. The Orlando Police said when officers responded to the trespass complaint at Universal Studios, park security revealed Steve had been banned in August for filming content without authorization. Despite the warning, Steve returned, leading to his arrest on a misdemeanor charge of trespassing.

A representative for Steve explained that he was originally banned for bringing camera crews into the park to film videos for his social media pages. Universal Studios also allegedly caught him sneaking in cameras on two other occasions, which eventually led to his ban. Steve’s family revealed that he attempted to disguise himself, sporting an epic mustache that added a bizarre, comedic twist to his mug shot.

Law enforcement sources stated that Steve had to take two mug shots after officers realized the initial photo was taken with the fake mustache. After being released from jail, Steve took to Twitter (X), where he humorously reflected on his brief stint in jail.

“I love jail for a short time,” he posted. “Was an epic time. One day is fun. Lots of good people, good food. Reason I got caught at Universal was for being lazy. I went lazy and it f** me. I could have done what I done in the past and get professional makeup done. This was a lesson to not be a lazy piece of s##t.”

However, Steve’s recent escapades at Universal aren’t the only drama surrounding him. He had a public falling out with rapper Kodak Black after accusing Kodak of attempting to steal his $500,000 Richard Milie watch.

Steve tweeted, “Do rappers make money? Kodak Black just tried to rob me for my Richard Mille. Is every rapper broke? The guy smokes meth, probably insane. Kodak Black is 100% on drugs.”

Although Steve deleted the tweets, the damage was done, sparking a heated exchange. Kodak Black, furious at the accusations, responded vehemently on Instagram Live, denying the allegations and threatening Steve with physical harm.

“Why are you being prejudiced, sir?” Kodak said. “Have you saw me do any drugs? You made a tweet to the whole world like I wasn’t finna get on the internet and say, ‘Oh, SteveWillDoIt is a b####.’ I told you to your face and I threw your s### on the floor.”

Check out the bizarre mugshot pic above.

Diddy’s Ex Misa Hylton To Release Book Amid Mogul’s Legal Troubles

Misa Hylton is set to release a book about her life. If you don’t know her, you should.

Hylton is one of the most decorated fashionistas and stylists in Hip-Hop. If you recall seeing Timberland boots in R&B videos and singers wearing clothing like the rappers, you’ve probably seen her work. She’s still out here working and kicking up dust.

She’s also one of the mothers of Sean “Diddy” Combs’ children. Justin is her first son. Recently, she revealed that she has a book about her life coming out, which stands on its own because she has an amazing testimony in the culture, I believe.

Her story is intertwined with one of the biggest moguls in music and right now, that mogul is in the midst of a federal investigation by Homeland Security about some extremely heinous crimes. Announcing a book in the middle of all this can be quite polarizing, but it appears she’s going forward with the project regardless.

So where’s the rumor? Apparently, she released an excerpt from the book. If it’s not an excerpt, it’s feeding into the promotion of the book. It reads like a book. And who is she talking about? Diddy, of course. At the bottom of her post, she added a disclaimer to keep all negative or toxic thoughts to yourself.

Will that happen? I’m not sure, to be honest. But I am certain somebody had something slick to say. But look at this part:

“My Life Story
My experience
Beside every Bad Boy was a Bad gyal!

**Please do not come here with any negativity, instead try praying for all involved.

You cannot erase history and cultural impact. This is also OUR legacy. EVERY single person whose blood, sweat, tears, talent and business acumen went into this movement.


btw- I had Justin at 19years old, I turned 20yrs old 7 days later. For a while the internet had my age wrong. I said hey leave it

Stop believing everything on the internet.

Rest in Peace Craig Mack 🤍🕊️”

What do you think of that?

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A post shared by Misa Hylton (@misahylton)

In other news, Sean Combs’s beloved mother has been hospitalized. Janice Combs is now in a Florida medical facility.

Read more here:

50 Cent’s Festival Stokes Fears Of Alcohol-Induced Chaos In Shreveport

The Shreveport City Council voted against a resolution to modify alcohol laws for 50 Cent’s Humor & Harmony festival. Council members debated Councilwoman Tabatha Taylor’s proposal at a meeting on Tuesday (July 9).

“To suspend certain provisions of Chapter 10 and any applicable provisions of the Shreveport Code of Ordinances and the Shreveport Unified Development Code relative to the sale, dispensing and consumption of alcoholic beverages in connection with the Humor & Harmony Festival, and to otherwise provide with respect thereto,” Taylor’s resolution read.

The city council rejected the resolution in a 5-2 vote. Councilman Gary Brooks was one of the members who opposed Taylor’s efforts to extend the open container zone for 50 Cent’s event.

“I have a problem with who’s gonna serve these drinks,” Brooks said. “How old are these people drinking going to be? Are we promoting them to be outside to drink? Who’s gonna clean up all the trash the next day? I just don’t see this being a good idea at all.”

Taylor and Councilman James Green questioned why Humor & Harmony created more cause for concern than Mardi Gras and other events in Shreveport. Taylor claimed she did her due diligence and spoke to law enforcement before introducing her resolution.

“I’m not going to go over here and put anything on here that has not been properly vetted,” she said. “So, you can vote it up or down. But just let the record reflect that we have done this 215+ times since 2010. And this right here is not that different. There is a proposed plan.”

Humor & Harmony is scheduled to be held on August 8-11. 50 Cent’s festival will feature comedy, music, a car show and a celebrity basketball tournament. Humor & Harmony is 50 Cent’s first major event in Shreveport since G-Unit Studios set up shop in the city.

Beastie Boys “Sabotage” Chili’s Restaurant Over Unauthorized Use Of “Ill Communication” Hit

The surviving members of the Beastie Boys—Adam “Ad-Rock” Horowitz and Michael “Mike D” Diamond”—along with the estate of the late Adam “MCA” Yauch are suing restaurant chain Chili’s.

In court docs viewed by AllHipHop, the executor of the estate, Yauch’s widow Dechen, Diamond, Horowitz and Brooklyn Dust Music are named as plaintiffs. They claim Chili’s used the 1994 Ill Communication single “Sabotage” and created characters similar to the ones in the Spike Jonze-directed video to use on its social media without their permission.

“Commencing at some time unknown to plaintiffs but, they are informed and believe, no earlier than November 2022, Brinker produced, sponsored, and encouraged the creation and posting on social media of videos to promote Brinker’s ‘Chili’s’ restaurants that included musical compositions and sound recordings that were used without the permission of the rights owners,” the court docs explain. “One such video used, without Plaintiffs’ permission or consent, significant portions of the musical composition and sound recording of ‘Sabotage’ (the ‘Unauthorized Chili’s Video’).

“Further, Brinker synchronized Plaintiffs’ ‘Sabotage’ musical composition and sound recording with other visual material in the Unauthorized Chili’s Video, in which three characters wearing obvious 70s-style wigs, fake mustaches, and sunglasses who were intended to evoke the three members of Beastie Boys performed scenes depicting them ‘robbing’ ingredients from a Chili’s restaurant intercut with fictitious opening credits, in ways obviously similar to and intended to evoke in the minds of the public scenes from Plaintiff’s well-known Official ‘Sabotage’ video.”

Before Adam “MCA” Yauch’s 2012 death, he made it clear he didn’t want Beastie Boys music used to sell products, something the suit points out as well. It continues, “Use of the ‘Sabotage’ sound recording, music composition and video was all without permission; the plaintiffs do not license ‘Sabotage’ or any of their other intellectual property for third-party product advertising purposes, and deceased Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch included a provision in his will prohibiting such uses.”

Diamond, Horowitz and the Yauch estate are seeking to block Brinker from any further infringements and collect “an award of statutory damages … pursuant to the Copyright Act in an amount in each case of not less than $150,000 for the willful infringement of the Beastie Boys Musical Composition, and the Beastie Boys Sound Recordings or … actual damages and profits with respect to each of the foregoing copyrights as permitted under the Copyright Act, in an amount to be determined at trial.”

Beastie Boys won a $1.7 million judgement against Monster Beverage in 2014 for using the band’s music without permission. As previously mentioned, a provision in Yauch’s will prevents Beastie Boys’ music to promote any third-party products in commercials.

Diddy’s Legal Woes Said To Be Behind Mother’s Hospitalization

Diddy’s mother was reportedly hospitalized amid his various legal issues. According to TMZ, Janice Combs was taken to a South Florida hospital after complaining about chest pains.

Combs allegedly believed her health issues were due to stress over her son’s legal troubles. Diddy faced multiple lawsuits and a federal investigation.

Diddy’s downfall began when his ex-girlfriend Cassie sued him for rape and years of abuse in November 2023. The two sides quickly settled the case out of court, but more women filed lawsuits against Diddy in subsequent weeks and months. Producer Lil Rod sued Diddy in February, accusing the mogul of leading a sex trafficking ring.

Homeland Security raided Diddy’s Los Angeles and Miami homes in March. The feds are investigating him for allegations of sex trafficking. A grand jury is hearing evidence in the case.

A former adult film star named Adria English was the latest woman to sue Diddy. English claimed he groomed her into sex trafficking in a lawsuit filed in July. The Bad Boy Records founder’s lawyer denied the allegations.

“No matter how many lawsuits are filed it won’t change the fact that Mr. Combs has never sexually assaulted or sex trafficked anyone,” his attorney told AllHipHop. “We live in a world where anyone can file a lawsuit for any reason and without any proof. Fortunately, a fair and impartial judicial process exists to find the truth and Mr. Combs is confident he will prevail against these and other baseless claims in court.”

English was the ninth person to sue Diddy over the past nine months. Cassie was the only accuser who agreed to a settlement. Months after the deal, the public saw surveillance footage of Diddy abusing Cassie at a hotel in 2016. The video corroborated some of the allegations in her lawsuit. Diddy released a since-deleted apology after the footage surfaced.

Sexyy Red Asks André 3000 What He Said In “South Got Something To Say” Speech

Sexyy Red revealed she never heard André 3000’s “The South Got Something to Say” speech from the 1995 Source Awards. Sexyy Red cluelessly asked the Outkast member what he said during a discussion about the iconic moment in Hip-Hop history on LeBron James’ show The Shop.

“It was not planned,” André 3000 said regarding his speech. “It looked brave, but I was nervous as a m###########. I was just angry, man. We was in New York and we love New York. We grew up on all New York music, man … I just felt like, I don’t know, it just came out. And I just said that.”

Sexyy Red, born in 1998, was unfamiliar with the story.

“Whatchu say?” she inquired.

André 3000 responded, “I said the South got something to say.”

LeBron’s co-host and longtime business partner Maverick Carter encouraged Sexyy Red to watch the speech. André 3000 wasn’t bothered by Sexyy Red’s unfamiliarity as he continued reflecting on the 1995 Source Awards.

“I don’t even remember the whole thing,” he said. “But I just knew n##### hating on the South at that point … I just remember being really angry and driven because we’ve been creating this music, man. We’ve been in the Dungeon. And we just felt like, ‘Y’all don’t get it.’ And sometimes you have to show people, man.”

He added, “But it give you drive though! And I actually appreciate it now ‘cause it made us so harder.”

Outkast won Best New Artist at the 1995 Source Awards. Salt-N-Pepa unenthusiastically announced the winner of the award. The crowd booed Outkast, resulting in André 3000’s history-making speech.

“I’m tired of folks … close-minded folks, we got a demo tape but nobody wanna hear it,” he said. “But it’s like this: the South got something to say. That’s all I got to say.”

Watch his speech below.

Eminem Has Guidelines For Listening To “The Death Of Slim Shady”

Eminem advised fans to listen to The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce) from start to finish instead of skipping tracks on Thursday (July 11). The Shady Records founder told listeners the songs required context since The Death of Slim Shady is a concept album.

“Public service announcement: the ‘death of slim shady’ is a conceptual album, therefore, if you listen to songs out of order they might not make sense,” he wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter). “Enjoy.”

The Death of Slim Shady drops on Friday (July 12). The project is Eminem’s first album since 2020’s Music to Be Murdered By.

Eminem released the album’s first single “Houdini” in May. The song’s music video recreated scenes from his “Without Me” video.

Tobey,” a track featuring Babytron and Big Sean, dropped on July 2. Eminem dropped a video for “Tobey” on Monday (July 8). Eminem returned to his childhood home, which appeared on the cover of The Marshall Mathers LP, and wore the Jason Voorhees-style hockey mask associated with his Slim Shady persona in the video.

Apple Music revealed the tracklist for The Death of Slim Shady ahead of the album’s release. Eminem’s new LP features 19 tracks, including a sequel to his Dr. Dre-assisted song “Guilty Conscience.”

Check out The Death of Slim Shady tracklist below.

  1. Renaissance
  2. Habits
  3. Trouble
  4. Brand New Dance
  5. Evil
  6. All You Got (Skit)
  7. Lucifer
  8. Antichrist
  9. Fuel
  10. Road Rage
  11. Houdini
  12. Breaking News (Skit)
  13. Guilty Conscience 2
  14. Head Honcho
  15. Temporary
  16. Bad One
  17. Tobey feat. Babytron & Big Sean & Babytron
  18. Guess Who’s Back (Skit)
  19. Somebody Save Me

Azealia Banks Called Out After Attending Donald Trump Rally 

Azealia Banks has been a longtime Donald Trump supporter, and now she’s catching heat online after attending a rally in support of the 34-time convicted felon.  

The outspoken artist was spotted at the election rally in Doral, Florida, on Tuesday (July 9). Trump himself posted a photo of Banks among the crowd on his Instagram Story. 

Promotor Jake Inphamous shared a video from the rally claiming Donald Trump invited him and Azealia Banks. He also poked fun at Trump’s viral remarks from his Presidential debate with President Joe Biden earlier this month. 

“@realdonaldtrump invited @azealiabanksforever and I to talk about ‘Hispanic jobs,’” he captioned the video “He even posted us.” 

In the video, Jake asks Banks her thoughts on what Trump is saying at the rally but her response is cut short.  

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A post shared by Jake Inphamous Hermelo (@jake_inphamous)

Banks posted the video on her Instagram Stories, writing, “Trump invited the gang.” 

However, her presence at the Trump rally didn’t go down well with fans on social media.  

“Azealia Banks is one of the biggest disappointments in music,” one disgruntled supporter shared. “All that Talent, and you’re AT A TRUMP RALLY! WHEN YOU SHOULD BE PUTTING OUT FANTASEA 2, or BUSINESS AND PLEASURE!!!!” 

“I draw the line at Azealia Banks attending a Trump event. Girl good bye,” another added. 

“Azealia Banks taking a check to perform @ Q######## in San Francisco during Pride month only to show up @ a Trump rally in Miami 2 weeks later is the reason why she will always be a f###### joke,” wrote a third person. 

Others accused her of grifting and claimed she needed the money following recent reports of her alleged eviction. Check out some other responses below.  

Barack Obama Goes Viral As Netizens Compare His Olympic Basketball Team Visit To Key & Peele Skit 

A video of Barack Obama is going viral after visiting the USA men’s basketball team as social media users reacted to its similarities with a well-known Key & Peele Comedy Central skit from 2014. 

In the iconic sketch, Jordan Peele plays the role of Obama greeting a line of supporters. As he makes his way along the line, he gives the white onlookers formal greetings while exchanging elaborate handshakes with the Black supporters.  

It was a similar scene when Obama met Team USA’s Olympic basketball team at a showcase before they jet off to the Olympic Games in Paris later this month.  

He hugged and dapped up each player in turn, including Anthony Edwards, Steph Curry and LeBron James, with an intricate handshake before turning to the coaching staff and exchanging more traditional greetings. 

The clip was widely shared on social media, with one post from Barstool Sports attracting over five million plays on X (Twitter).  

“Obama broke out the old Key and Peele playbook,” the caption read.  

Many others shared side-by-side videos of the real-life Obama and the Key & Peele skit. 

Meanwhile, Obama branded himself the “Hooper-in-Chief” in a message to the team.  

“I just want to come here to help send off the soon-to-be gold medal winners. We invented this game and I don’t like it when we don’t win,” he said. ”Assuming they play as a team, our talent will be unmatched. I’m confident that they’ll be bringing back the gold and representing us the way we should be represented around the world.” 

The Game Accuses Rick Ross Of Reporting Him To Instagram As Beef Rumbles On 

Rick Ross and The Game went back and forth on Instagram after Rozay taunted the Compton rapper over reports he could lose his home. 

However, according to The Game, Ross reported him to Instagram, leading to a temporary ban. On Wednesday (July 10),  The Game shared a screenshot from the social media platform informing him his account had been restricted for 24 hours.  

“A message you sent didn’t follow our community guidelines on bullying and harassment,” Instagram’s notice read.  

“The Office got my account put in jail for a day,” The Game wrote alongside crying with laughter emojis. “How do yall be fans of these weirdos ??” 

Instagram/The Game

Earlier on Wednesday, Rick Ross taunted The Game by sharing a post from AllHipHop reporting on Priscilla Rainey’s efforts to seize the West Coast rapper’s home. 

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A post shared by AllHipHop (@allhiphopcom)

Rainey was awarded a $7 million judgment after suing The Game for sexual battery. She sent The Game a notice of levy on his Calabasas home after struggling to collect on the judgment.  

The Game replied to Ross’ Instagram Story via DM, which presumably led to the ban.  

“Even if I lost my house, which I’m not.. you still gone be a fat b#### n####!!!!!” he wrote to the MMG honcho. “That Ozempic gone kill you before the twinkies do hoe ass n####.” 

Sharing a screenshot of his message to Ross, The Game added: “Since we @’n n#####. Here you got b####!!! @richforever.” 

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A post shared by AllHipHop (@allhiphopcom)

Rozay fired back on his Instagram Stories, mocking The Game over his legal issues.  

Daphne Joy Deletes Social Media Post Accusing 50 Cent Of Rape & Assault 

Daphne Joy is reportedly attempting to patch things up with 50 Cent, scrubbing her Instagram account of allegations she made accusing him of rape and assault. 

In April, Joy detailed her allegations in an Instagram post. Her claims followed 50 Cent filing for full custody of their son after Joy was identified as one of Diddy’s alleged sex workers in a lawsuit filed by producer Lil Rod. 

“I am tired of upholding and protecting an image to our son that you have never even earned,” she wrote. “Let’s put the real focus on your true evil actions of raping me and physically abusing me. You are no longer my oppressor … You have broken our hearts for the last and final time.” 

50 Cent denied Joy’s claims.  

“The disturbing allegations in the sworn pleadings recently filed in a court case related to Daphne Joy the mother of my 12-year-old child has required me to take all necessary legal actions to protect my son Sire,” he said. “The most recent false and baseless accusations by Daphne Joy are clearly in response to my decision to seek sole custody of my son. My son Sire is my main priority and keeping him in a safe environment is my only focus at this time.” 

50 Cent also filed a defamation lawsuit against Daphne Joy, accusing her of trying to “destroy his personal and business reputation” in his lawsuit. He said his lawyers demanded a retraction, but Joy allegedly refused unless he gave her millions of dollars and dropped the custody case. 

However, according to TMZ, a source confirmed Daphne Joy deleted the post ” in an attempt to smooth things over with 50 Cent, for the sake of their son.” 

Angela Simmons & Oreo Laugh Off Criticism Of Cookie Bath Video

Angela Simmons is showing she can laugh at herself after facing ridicule over a video to promote a new collaboration with Oreos. 

On Tuesday (July 9), Simmons posed in a bathtub full of Oreo cookies to launch the collab between her Angela’s Cakes brand and restaurant chain Slutty Vegan.  

However, she faced backlash from social media users who claimed the ad was corny. The bathtub video was parodied by multiple online comedians, including Kevin Fredericks, popularly known as KevOnStage. 

He shared a video of himself in the tub with a few Oreos scattered across him. “Tried to market like Angela Simmons, but I only had one pack of Oreos at home,” he joked in the caption. 

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A post shared by kevonstage (@kevonstage)

Alton Walker shared a humorous reaction, teasing Simmons for wasting Oreos. “You done spent about $300 on cookies,” he joked before asking Simmons to send them to him.  

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A post shared by Alton Walker (@altonwalkershow)

The cookie brand also joined in the jokes on X (Twitter). The official Oreo account posted a meme of a bathtub full of cookies captioned, “Imagine hating me and i’m just at home doing this. Boy we have a crush on Angela Simmons.” 

Angela Simmons shared the post from Oreo on her Instagram Story, writing, “We have a crush on you too.” 

Instagram/Angela Simmons

Simmons also posted Walker’s parody video alongside another internet comedian’s meme. 

Lacboi shared a side-by-side of his and Angela Simmons’ Oreo bathtub pics. “Tubi vs Netflix,” he teased.

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A post shared by Big Dreams $Lacboi22 (@lacboi22)


Suspect Surrenders After Meek Mill Offers $2K To Find Man Accused Of Vile Act In Philly Dollar Tree 

Meek Mill offered a $2,000 reward for the location of a man accused of e########## on a woman’s leg at a Philadelphia Dollar Tree store. 

On Wednesday (July 10), footage circulated online of a vile incident after a woman claimed a man ejaculated on her leg in the store. In the video, the victim is heard shouting at a man as he flees the store.  

The video quickly went viral and caught the attention of Meek Mill, who wanted to take action over the disturbing incident. He took to X (Twitter) to ask locals in Philly to help find the alleged perpetrator.  

“Let’s play manhunt with him today in Philly some community service,” he wrote, quote tweeting the video. “I got 2 bands for his lo??? But you gotta connect.” 

Once the post gained traction, Meek shared a follow-up post alongside a photo of the suspect wearing a shirt with the slogan, “It’s not going to lick itself.”  

“Just go live with him don’t pursue him,” Meek added. “It gotta actually be you … Philly small people know where this creep ass dude at ghtfoh … we need community protection also!” 

However, hours after Meek’s post, cops confirmed the suspect turned himself in. According to Fox 29, a 35-year-old man identified as Gary A. Miles of Southwest Philly voluntarily surrendered to authorities.  

“The PPD extends its gratitude to the public for their assistance in locating Mr. Miles,” a statement from Philadelphia police reads. 

Cops confirmed the incident happened at the Snyder Ave Dollar Tree on June 23. 

Safaree Bashed Online For Partying As Erica Mena Continues Deadbeat Dad Accusations 

Safaree is catching heat online after his ex-wife Erica Mena claimed he doesn’t care about their two children. 

On Wednesday evening (July 10) Safaree took to Instagram with footage from Larsa Pippen’s birthday party just hours after the mother of his children blasted him for neglecting their kids. 

He shared a video of him partying with Pippen and her guests and flexed his flashy jewelry on his Instagram Story. 

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A post shared by Safaree 🇯🇲 StuntMan (@safaree)

Erica Mena Accuses Safaree Of Not Taking Care Of Their Kids Properly

Meanwhile, earlier on Wednesday Erica Mena admitted she was “embarrassed,” by him. She also shared more allegations that he doesn’t look after his kids properly and goes months at a time without seeing them. 

“You finally pop out at Legend’s bday — empty-handed and NEVER offering to pay half for anything like always,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “You came for your quick once every few months photo opportunity with them and bounced.” 

She then claimed that when Safaree took the kids last Saturday (July 7), nobody cared for their son’s hair despite playing in a chlorinated pool. 

“You have no problem making sure you a bad b#### all the time,” Mena continued. “Why can’t my babies be dressed and groomed properly like you do for you when you have them? A part of being a bad b#### is really taking care of your kids so this is where I draw the line…not grooming and properly dressing your kids every time you have them it’s honestly despicable.” 

In a follow-up post, Erica Mena accuses Safaree of dressing their children in “sloppy and cheap” clothing to get at her.  

“You got all this money so you tell the world and you got all these diamonds but yet why is it when you have your kids they walking around looking like this? Did grandma and auntie not feel the need to grab a comb for you babies Sis?” she questioned. 

Meanwhile, social media users slammed Safaree in the comment section of his post. 

“He fresh 2 def but got them kids hair wit chlorine in it,” one person wrote. “The nerve of him.” 

Another added, “Dammm he really don’t careeeeee,” while others urged him “Go get them kids.” 

Did Young Thug Approve Of This Gunna Diss Snippet His Kids Just Released?

Young Thug may want to see to it that his kids’ use of their social media accounts is monitored after an alleged snippet armed with a Gunna diss was released by his two sons.

The snippet, which is less than a minute long, is essentially crash-out rap music, and captures Young Thug’s two young boys glorifying smoking on their dead ops while flashing money spreads on camera in the clip. Though much of the duo’s rapid-fire raps are hard to decipher, one of the incendiary lines comes through crystal clear.

“And Bentley a rat he keep leaving states/And Gunna get whacked if he don’t leave L.A.,” one of the children raps on the song.

The video has gone viral on platforms such as Twitter (X), where it’s causing users are having mixed reactions.

“I know thug is disappointed,” one user reacted while another added, “This will be used against him in court. Thug is never getting out!”

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While it’s unclear if Young Thug gave his blessing for his seeds to release the preview of their song, it arrives at a particularly seedy time for Slime, who is currently caught between a rock and a hard place. He currently sits in jail incarcerated as the YSL RICO trial has been halted as he awaits the possible recusal of judged presiding over the case.

Young Thug also recently ignited a flurry of speculation after sharing a cryptic tweet on June 26 in response to a lyric Lil Baby raps on his recent feature verse on Lil Dann’s track entitled “Family Freestyle.”

“N###as taking pleas, I know that Slime ain’t happy,” Lil Baby raps in the song.

In a quoted reply with a snippet of the song, Thug wrote, “whateva wham say goes.” Although he provided no context for his message, fans in the replies went into overdrive considering “Wham” is Lil Baby’s nickname.

Prior to the aforementioned incidents, earlier this year Gunna appeared to suggest get and Thug were in good standing. Thug’s dad actually turned up with him at his coming home concert in Atlanta last month after Gunna claimed people have been “misled” about the whole situation in April.

Check out the clip above.

SIGNS: Tragedy Strikes Iranian Airport As Mechanic Dies In Horrific Boeing Accident

A graphic and horrifying incident struck Chabahar Konarak Airport in Southern Iran earlier this week, when an airliner mechanic was killed in a jet engine accident.

While performing routine maintenance on a Varesh Airline plane, Abolfazl Amiri met a gruesome fate after he was sucked into the engine of a Boeing 737-500. According to TMZ, the incident occurred shortly after Amiri realized he’d left a tool near the engine. Tragically, when he went to retrieve it, he was pulled into the turbine, which had been running for a test. The engine ignited, and Amiri died instantly. Authorities confirm they were able to retrieve Amiri’s remains from the engine.

The shocking event is the latest in a string of fatal incidents involving Boeing aircraft. Just last year, multiple crashes of the Boeing 737 MAX raised global concerns about the safety of the aircraft, leading to widespread grounding of the fleet. Additionally, in recent months, Boeing has been under intense scrutiny following the suspicious deaths of several whistleblowers who had reported safety concerns to federal watchdog agencies.

Namley, elderly Boeing whistleblower John Barnett was found dead under mysterious circumstances in March. Barnett, who was 62 years old at the time of his death, had worked at the aviation company for 32 years until his retirement in 2017. He primarily worked as a quality manager at the North Charleston plant, making the 787 Dreamliner aircraft from 2010 and on.

According to police reports, Barnett was found dead at his home in the United States from a from a “self-inflicted gunshot wound.” In the days leading up to his death, Barnett had been cooperating and providing evidence in a whistleblower lawsuit against the company.

Iran’s aviation authority has launched an investigation into the deadly incident at Chabahar Konarak Airport as the loss of Amiri serves as a grim reminder of the potentially fatal consequences of aviation industry oversights and the critical need for stringent safety protocols.

Hot Boys Reunion Fizzles: Turk & B.G. Trade Shots After Essence Fest Misfire

Fans assumed the Hot Boys would reunite at the 2024 Essence Fest to celebrate 30 years of Cash Money Records. Attendees and livestream viewers were disappointed when the four members didn’t join forces at the event in New Orleans.

Turk was noticeably absent from the festival as fans only saw B.G. and Juvenile perform together. Lil Wayne did a solo set instead of joining his fellow Hot Boys members on stage.

The unrealized reunion resulted in B.G. calling out Turk after the show. Turk questioned B.G.’s animosity in a response video on Tuesday (July 9).

“B.G. – to me – has been very disrespectful, bro,” Turk said. “And if I really did anything to you, brother, I can’t see you holding back and saying [what] it is. If I really did you something, I don’t know what it is. I can’t figure it out. I can’t put no light on a lie. And a lot of people run with the narrative.”

He continued, “Homie made a statement about I know what I did last summer. And I wasn’t even gonna address this situation, and I’ma try to keep it short. But I know what I did last summer. And when we had a party together, I heard homie say something about a Hot Boys reunion can be made or did without [B.G.] … But I never felt a Hot Boys reunion could be done without homie.”

B.G. never revealed what Turk supposedly did last summer to ruin the Hot Boys reunion.

“It’s only one n#### ain’t in this b####,” B.G. said in a post-show rant on Instagram Live. “He brought that on himself. N#### did a bunch of hoe s###.”

Turk didn’t understand what he did to upset B.G. Turk thought they already cleared up their issues and noted how he rejected calls for a Hot Boys reunion while B.G. was still in prison.

“You can’t have a reunion without B.G. and I think I probably made a lot of people made about that when I was [saying] it,” Turk explained. “I was doing it out the kindness of my heart … Never once, bro, [did] I try to use B.G.’s name for anything.”

He added, “If I did homie , I will respect it. ‘Cause to be real, when homie followed me [on social media] probably ‘bout a couple of weeks ago and I hit him in the DM … I’m thinking everything cool. And then here it go again.”

Turk called Essence Fest a “proud moment” for his fellow Hot Boys members. He denied any bitterness over the event but felt compelled to speak out due to online discussion about his absence.

DeMar DeRozan Says He’ll Listen To Drake But Kendrick Lamar Was “Family” Before “Not Like Us”

It appears as though Kendrick Lamar’s NBA bestie DeMar DeRozan is attempting to play it safe following his appearance in the video for K. Dot and Mustard’s Drake diss, “Not Like Us.”

In case you missed it the seasoned mid-range sharpshooter has been traded to the Sacramento Kings after spending the past three seasons with the Chicago Bulls.

According to a report from NBA.com, the Kings acquired DeRozan on a three-year, $74 million sign-and-trade that includes moving Harrison Barnes to the San Antonio Spurs and Chris Duarte to the Chicago Bulls. In an interview with media following his first press conference with the Kings, DeRozan spoke about his appearance in Kendrick’s “Not Like Us” music video after the reporter asked him if Drake would now be banned from being played in Sacramento at the Golden 1 Center arena.

“I mean, love Drake,” DeRozan started off. “You love Drake. We always could play him.”

DeRozan continued, trying to do damage control as he explained he and Kendrick Lamar have always been close, even if their connection wasn’t as “publicized” as it is now amid his beef with Drake.

“Kendrick been a friend of mine’s family, them near family for a long time,” he said. “For a while. We, from the same city, grew up down near in the same neighborhood. So it’s always been there. It haven’t always been publicized, but that’s basically family.”

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Prior to the historic battle between Drizzy and K. Dot, DeRozan and Drake shared a well-documented friendship that flourished during the Compton native’s tenure with the Toronto Raptors. As the team’s global ambassador, Drake often expressed his admiration for DeRozan, both publicly and privately.

In interviews, DeRozan has spoken fondly of Drake, referring to him as a “brother” and expressing gratitude for his unwavering support. After DeRozan was traded to the San Antonio Spurs in 2018, he said Drake was among the people he confided in, revealing he visited Drizzy’s house to talk the trade and leaving Toronto. Drake also shared a lengthy farewell post on Instagram commemorating DeRozan’s tenure to the Raptors.

While it appears there is no love lost on DeRozan’s end, there’s no telling how Drake feels about his cameo in the video for a diss track that alleges he is a pedophile.

Watch the full interview clip above.