Rick Ross Has Left Epic Records & Claims He Always Had Ownership Of His Music 

Rick Ross confirmed that he is a free agent after fulfilling his contract with Epic Records following the release of 2021’s Richer Than I Ever Been. Furthermore, the “Biggest Boss” said he has always maintained independence because “I already owned all my s###.” 

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A Def Jam reunion could be on the cards after Rick Ross confirmed he’s received “huge offers,” including one from his former label. Nonetheless, during a recent interview with HotNewHipHop, Rick Ross confirmed independence “ain’t a different situation for me cause I already owned all my s###.” 

Rick Ross Sought Ownership From The Outset

While he was initially only concerned with obtaining a record deal after dropping his first album, Rick Ross “began renegotiating” his contract. “Before I even made it to my last albums, I had damn near owned everything that I could own, other than a certain distribution percentage. Once you become successful — regardless of what you signed at first — you just come sit at the table like a man.” 

He continued, “And guess what, I did it every album. I asked for more, and I did it on both sides — not just with my record label but also with my attorneys. ‘Hey man, I was giving you give X amount of percentage on my first album, lets cut it down to 12. On the next let’s cut it to 8. Let’s get it to 5.’ That go for everybody. You renegotiate because you learning as you go. Before every album, that’s what you go sit down and say, ‘Hey man, I gotta ask for something I ain’t never had. I’m finna do something I ain’t never done before.’” 

However, Rick Ross is in no hurry to sign a new deal, despite having a plethora of offers on the table. Although he said, “there really ain’t no rush,” he confirmed he is putting out new music this year. According to Rozay, he has two records and an official album announcement coming later this summer. 

Walmart Apologizes For Juneteenth Ice Cream, Pulls Delicacy From Shelves

Walmart has offered an apology for manufacturing ice cream commemorating and profiting off of the looming Juneteenth celebration.

Recently social media went into a frenzy after images of the product surfaced on various platforms. The ice cream also was made of red velvet and cheesecake flavors, further infuriating people for the stereotypical overtones. Moreover, the label said, “Share and celebrate African-American culture, emancipation and enduring hope,” the label read.

Fox obtained a statement that had Walmart offering their apologies.

“Juneteenth holiday marks a celebration of freedom and independence. However, we received feedback that a few items caused concern for some of our customers and we sincerely apologize. We are reviewing our assortment and will remove items as appropriate,” the company said in a statement to FOX.

They are placing certain items under review and removing them as necessary, in the statement.

Other flavors are also for sale such as Pride ice cream, which has not gotten any significant backlash from the LGBTQ community.

Exclusive Footage: Benzino Turns Himself Into Authorities In Atlanta

Benzino turned himself into law officials in Atlanta after unintentionally being on the lam.

The quandary stems from an alleged altercation between his ex-girlfriend Althea Heart and her male partner.

Heart and Zino have quite a storied past that has played out publicly. The pair joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in season 3 (2014) and he eventually proposed to singer. The pair ended up having a son, but their relationship did not survive. They tried to fix it on Marriage Boot Camp, but they ultimately failed.

Zino told AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur that the altercation that went public is old, but the charges are new.

“I was kind of arguing with the guy she was with at the time. Long story short, the case was like two years ago and somebody put that old video up and it got me kind of arguing with him,” he said.

He explained that he missed a virtual court appearance in April because he had covid and that prompted the new warrant for his arrest. on to say that following his arrest in April, he was supposed to attend a court meeting via zoom call. 

Today, he turned himself in and AllHipHop has the exclusive footage of it as it happened.

Footage of Benzino’s April arrest went viral. Here’s the new video.

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Doja Cat Claps Back And Confirms She Is A Rapper, Talks About Upcoming Album

Remy Ma said she doesn’t think Doja Cat is a rapper, but the Cali-born Grammy-award winner begs to differ. 

The “Kiss Me More” artist is up to prove everyone wrong with her upcoming album that will be rap-centered.

According to her interview with Elle magazine, she has always considered herself a Hip-Hop kid at heart and that her real fans know that about her.

Raised on 90s legends like Busta Rhymes and Lauryn Hill, Doja Cat said she was rapping way back in her Soundcloud days … when she was just getting started.

“I’ve rapped since the beginning, and I really couldn’t even sing that well to begin with—I got a lot better,” the bi-racial rapper (her mother is Jewish American, and her dad is South African) says. “I use my voice as a tool to create these worlds, and it’s fine if people think that I can’t rap.”

The pop star has faced much backlash from people who have not said she can’t rhyme but protest her being included in rap categories with her commercial Top 40 sing-songy hits like “Kiss Me More,” “Need to Know” and “Best Friend” featuring Saweetie.

Doja Cat also said, “The only person who should be rating Hip-Hop is an OG or somebody who is respected in Hip-Hop.” 

Remy Ma has the pedigree which makes her an “O.G.” and respected. Put on my Big Pun with over 15 years in the game and a Bronx native, Remy Ma sparked a conversation when she said that while the chart-topper makes excellent music, she should not be in a rap category with her.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, Remy Ma appeared on N.O.R.E. and DJ E.F.N.’s Drink Champs and said, “I don’t think she’s a rapper. Let’s be clear with that.”

“They put her in the rapper category. I don’t think she’s a rapper. But she makes dope records, and I think she’s dope,” Remy Ma said.

But Wale, a second-generation African like Doja Cat is, came to her defense. He said he saw it with his own eyes at the 2022 Coachella festival and believes in her rap skills. 

“Doja cat one of the best rappers out male or female alien or otherwise,” Wale tweeted. “Anybody that raps for real … can listen to her raps and can clearly see she is a rapper. I’m just now finding out there was a debate.”

Wale then warned … “When that girl drops somethin on one of these “rap” beats?? You gon see.”

Well, with her upcoming album, Doja Cat says she gonna let folk see and shut down all the talk. In December of 2021, she revealed her desire to work on an AllHipHop album. Her dream collaborations would include 9th Wonder and Jay Versace.

“I have been getting songs and things sent to me…. Oh f###, I wish I could tell people! There’s some really cool stuff that I got sent from friends,” Doja Cat continued. “They’re all working on beats, and I’m giving them notes, and they know what I want, so I’m excited… there’s an explosion of amazing female rap talent out there right now… It’s so cool to see that, because we didn’t have that when we were younger.”

It also would be cool to see if she and Remy could do a song together!!! We are ready for a 2022 “Ladies First!”

Right Or Wrong: United Airlines Worker Is Fired, Black Male Passenger Arrested

Who was right and who was wrong? The water is getting muddier by the minute.

A former United Airlines employee was fired after fighting with a passenger. The clip went viral over the weekend, into Monday and immediately got all of us talking about a fight between a former NFL player and a worker for United Airlines. It was quite a topic because we saw part of it at first, and then later, a slightly larger clip. So the first clip showed a bra Lake big white guy, likely of Italian dissent, slap a black passenger. The passenger appeared stunned and responded by striking the man with a two piece. That two peas, likely with a biscuit, sent the bigger man sprawling backwards into the luggage drop at Newark airport in New Jersey. It look like he might join the luggage in the plane for a second there.

The former employee, who has yet to be identified by the airline, was fired. The passenger, now known as Brandon Langley, was arrested. We do not have all of the information, but based on the footage it looked as if the employee was a participant at the very least.

In the video, they stare each other down, and then Brandon is slapped. Brandon, who still plays football professionally in Canada, appears to be stunned afterwards. “You saw that s###?” Langley says after getting slapped.

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Well, the employee takes his butt whooping like a pro and even gets back up, still ready to fight. And then others began to convene around it to stop it.

Like I said before, it is unclear as to what exactly led up to the altercation. But, it seem like part of the drama stems from Brandon using a wheelchair to move his luggage, rather than buying a luggage cart. Even though he was arrested, Brandon is basically saying that he is taking his fate to the court room. He hasn’t explicitly stated what he’s going to do but it seems like he’s not letting United “off the hook. “

Personally, I think that the employee was in the wrong. I know that it seems that the former NFL football player was in the wrong, because he seem to be more aggressive in the longer clip. But the way he was shot at the slap, and then asked those attending if they saw it…makes me believe that he was genuinely stunned at how the other person was acting.

He knew there were witnesses and he likely knew it was being recorded. For that reason, I go with the brother man. But, he made a mistake if he though people watching from the internet was going to be on his side.

Here he speak through his twitter:

And then buddy puts it all in perspective.

You can tell me what you think in the comments.

Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Were On Psycho’s#### List And Marked For Death

Kim Kardashian has been granted a temporary restraining order against an obsessed fan who allegedly made threats against her and her loved ones.

In the restraining order request obtained by The Blast, the reality T.V. star claimed that she feared for her own safety and had suffered “severe emotional distress” over the “disturbing” letters she had received from the man at her home.

“In multiple letters, he has threatened to kill me. He has made numerous false and delusional claims about me and my intimate relationships. He has also made disturbing sexual references about me in his letters,” Kim Kardashian wrote in the legal document. “On April 25th, 2022, a written bomb threat was made to my business office. I am informed that my private security analyzed the written bomb threat and found a number of similarities between the threat and prior letters.

“I have suffered and continue to suffer severe emotional distress. I fear for my own safety. I also fear for the safety of those close to me, my family, and others at my workplace… I am concerned with a restraining order in place, he will continue to escalate his threats and will attempt to physically harm or even kill me.”

The filing also included copies of more than 30 letters Kim had received from the man. Her lawyer Shawn Holley also claimed that he told the 41-year-old she was on his “hit list” and “must die soon.” 

He also allegedly threatened Kim Kardashian and her family, her four children, and her boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

A judge in Los Angeles granted Kim a temporary restraining order which bans the man from contacting her or Pete or coming within 100 years of the SKIMS founder and her home.

A hearing regarding a long-term protection order will take place on June 13th.

Fatboy Unveils New Single “OUUWEE” featuring Kocky Ka

Fatboy is the king of content, one of the funniest entertainers in the business. but that doesn’t take away from his musical talents, and he’s here to prove he has what it takes to be one of the greats.

Today, the New Jersey native returns with his newest single titled “OUUWEE,” featuring Kocky Ka. The record sees Fatboy reflecting on his journey from the trenches to now being able to make a living and take care of himself and his family.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the record, Fatboy stated, “I went into the studio, I was thinking about my life overall. Being a youngin’ with no guidance. I wanted to show the glamorous part in the music. That’s why I said “my chain heavy,” things of that nature.”

Fatboy also explained what he wants fans to get from the record.

“I could go any different way. I’m versatile. I go country, pop, hip-hop, rap, gospel, anything. I want fans to know I’m coming. I’m coming for the Grammy, I’m coming for the Platinum/Gold record. I want fans to know everything I accomplished, this is just the beginning.”

Dave Chappelle Attacker Isaiah Lee Says He Wanted Attention For His Rap Career

The man who allegedly attacked Dave Chappelle at a recent comedy show has claimed he was inspired by Will Smith’s Oscar slap.

Isaiah Lee, who is accused of tackling the comedy star during his “Netflix Is A Joke” set at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this month, told The New York Post in an interview released on Monday that he was emboldened by the shocking incident.

Smith walked on stage during the Academy Awards live telecast in March over a joke Chris Rock made about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Speaking from Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles, Lee called Rock’s joke “tasteless” and applauded Smith for “standing up for his wife.”

Lee continued, “That’s not right what (Chris Rock) said about (Smith’s) wife, calling her GI Jane.” He also confessed the attack was meant to elevate his own profile as a rapper.

“I’m not going to lie… it was a bit of clout-chasing,” he stated to the publication. “In Hollywood, you know they say there is no such thing as bad publicity. I rap about these things in my music and knew it would get attention.”

Elsewhere, Isaiah Lee revealed the attack has earned him celebrity status with his inmates, saying, “They come up to me and ask, ‘Hey, are you the guy who went up to Dave Chappelle?'”

Lee was charged with battery, possessing a deadly weapon with intent to assault, unauthorized access to the stage area during a performance, and commission of an act that delays the event or interferes with the performer over the incident. He has pleaded guilty.

In the days after the incident, Chappelle’s representative insisted he didn’t want the attack to “overshadow the magic” of the comedy event.

Fan Does Something Stupid At Griselda Tour Stop


The great Griselda Records crew is on tour. They came to New York City and we didn’t even try to get them. It might all be in our minds, but Westsidegunn, Conway The Machine, and Benny the Butcher are fully blown rap stars now. They are no longer the underground darlings that we helped blow up and support. And so therefore, they have all the trappings of superstars.

Part of that is crazy stuff! I didn’t hear much about the New York stop, but another tour date did produce some rumors. I believe it was the date in Boston. According to a source of mine told me, somebody did something really stupid. A person in the crowd reportedly threw a shoe on stage while Westsidegunn was performing. (I think it was West, at least.) The resulting action basically was somebody getting beat down all the way outside. That’s the impression I got. And that the person that did that stupid deed found themselves in close contact with hands and feet of other people. By the way, this was not the Griselda team or anybody else. This was the FANS handling that, according to my source.

You get the message.

They didn’t stop the amazing show that they put on, from what I understand. I think they are essentially keeping hardcore rap alive. There were some other nuances there that had my source wondering how long the crew would stay together. I won’t go into the details of that because I don’t wanna promote any negativity, but I am going to say that I am hopeful that they maintain their closeness in an effort to stay a unified front. We all know that they are growing as artists and business people, and that produces changes.

Also, all change isn’t good. Especially for the fans. Hopefully, they are able to stretch their wings out as individuals and then have that Wu-Tang-like solidarity that keeps the fans out of any friction. That said, I plan to see these guys at some point. This tour was pretty short so it wraps June 3 in Los Angeles.

Remaining Griselda tour dates:

Thu 5/26/2022 Dallas, TX The Factory

Sun 5/29/2022 Denver, CO Mission Ballroom

Thu 6/2/2022 San Francisco, CA Warfield

Fri 6/3/2022 Los Angeles, CA Shrine Expo Hall

Eminem Teases CeeLo Green Collab For ‘Elvis’ Movie Soundtrack

“Though I’m not the first king of controversy. I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley to do Black music so selfishly, and use it to get myself wealthy,” rapped Eminem on “Without Me” off 2002’s The Eminem Show album.

Eminem is now directly connected to a project about the late Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Elvis Presley. The soundtrack for director Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic features Em and other Hip Hop acts.

Yesterday, Eminem shared a 16-second snippet from his Dr. Dre-produced “The King And I” collaboration with singer/rapper CeeLo Green. The track will live on the forthcoming album associated with the Elvis motion picture.

The Elvis soundtrack also features songs by Doja Cat, Denzel Curry, Gary Clark Jr., Jack White, Jazmine Sullivan, Nardo Wick, Swae Lee, Diplo, and other acts. Doja’s “Vegas” single came out on May 6.

Austin Butler stars as the title character in the Elvis movie. Additionally, the cast includes Tom Hanks, Helen Thomson, Richard Roxburgh, Olivia DeJonge, Luke Bracey, Natasha Bassett, David Wenham, and others.

The Warner Bros. Pictures production will hit theaters in the United States on June 24. Elvis will have its world premiere at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival on May 25. The film’s official trailer debuted on February 17.

Bobby Shmurda Is Not Dumb Or Outta Control: Read Why

It is often hard to quantify all that Bobby Shmurda is. But Ackquille Jean Pollard, Bobby’s government, is a bit of a different story. It is almost like Bobby and Ackquille are working hand-in-hand to make it in the rough and tumble game of entertainment and Hip-Hop. The only thing is: it is not a game.

Bobby Shmurda has seen it all, from the streets of Brooklyn to the highest heights of rap success to the valleys of prison. At one time, he was charged with running a criminal enterprise and did the time. In fact, he took a specific plea deal that gave himself more time in prison in order for his friend Rowdy Rebel to get less. Bobby is different.

Now, he has regained his footage and sought greener pastures as an independent artist. This is not the same kid that was dancing in the streets to “Hot N#gga,” a $20 moonshot that managed to hit the top of the charts. This is a smarter, wiser and more experienced Bobby, bish. And yet, you already know, somethings never change. Get familiar.

Chuck Creekmur: Yo, are you the King of New York?

Bobby Shmurda: I’m saying I’m going to let the people talk about it. King of New York got to be a gorilla, got to be King Kong, right? King Kong has to be a gorilla, right? Then we’re going to see who going to gorilla this summer that sh#t.

Slops: So we got some sh#t lined up for the summer?

Bobby Shmurda: So at the end of the summer, I need them to announce who went gorilla over the summer. All the New York people go out and just shoot out, and we’ll see who gone gorilla this summer. 

Slops: So you got some sh#t lined up already?

Bobby Shmurda: I got a lot of sh#t lined up. But you know, it’s a lot of conversations going on now that I’m independent. I feel single now. I’m single. All the girls want me now like, “Oh you want me too now? Oh do you want to call now too? Oh you calling now too?”

Chuck Creekmur: Who’s calling?

Bobby Shmurda: There’s a couple people calling. I’m staying independent though but you know… I don’t like to say that because when I say independent I’m like giving it away. “He’s staying independent but he going to f#ck with somebody, who it going to be?” Ain’t nobody know who he’s going to be. I might be out West, I might be down South, or I might stay in New York. Who knows.

Slops: What happened with Epic?

Bobby Shmurda: Well, I’m on papers. I can’t really talk too much about that sh#t. I signed, what’s that s### called?

Chuck Creekmur: An NDA?

Bobby Shmurda: Confidential sh#t. So if I talk about it, they can sue my black ass. I was just making sure.

Slops: But was the split amicable? Was it cool? Cool times or…

Chuck Creekmur: …They let you go?

Bobby Shmurda: They let me go. I got to pay a little tab but I’m good.

Chuck Creekmur: Okay. So they tied you up. You said a little tab.

Bobby Shmurda: Not a little tab, but I’m good. I’m out. 

Chuck Creekmur: So independent is a different type of hustle, but you already got the name, that’s number one. That’s really what you need.

Bobby Shmurda: I got the game.

Chuck Creekmur: The game. You got the name and the game. 

Bobby Shmurda: I think you need the game. That’s what people don’t talk about. I think motherf#ckers need the game. Ni##as don’t tell artists coming up the game. Because there’s a whole game that the labels do and everybody do that they don’t tell the game. And now that I go meet with these major labels and I talk to them, the way I talk with them is different. They look at me like, “Bobby you’re the only artist that’s coming in here talking like that. Everybody else, they’re not coming in here sending their lawyers or their managers, talking about this and that.”

Half the artists don’t even know what the thing is. DSP is or whatever the f##k this is, that is. What’s this? Where to be at? Marketing, or this and that. A lot of ni##as they be like that.

When I came home, I start asking ni##as around my age (questions). I’m like, “Yo bro, you know I…” And he’s looking at me like, “Man them people handle all that sh#t. I say, “Oh hell no, I can’t be around here. I say I can’t be around here, they tripping. Them people tripping.”

Chuck Creekmur: So you learned a lot from… But you-

Bobby Shmurda: I learned a lot, but also I went through a lot too. Because you know that spoils a lot of people in the industry. A lot of people are used to making decisions for artists like, “Shut up and be an artist.” I’m like, n##a who the f#ck you talking to? You talking to these ni##as like that but not me – you better ask somebody. The psych ward been coming to the elementary since 1997. Don’t play me ni##a. It’s going to be lit like a b##ch. That’s what it be though, so I know how that s### go.

You got 100 motherf##kers in a room. You slap 99 of them motherfu##ers but the one motherfu##er think, who the f##k you think you are. Right or wrong?

Chuck Creekmur: Right. Yeah.

Bobby Shmurda: But I’m like, ni##a you slapping these ni##as. These n##### just don’t know how to get slapped. Hold on now ni##a. Hold on. You feel me? But that’s what it be. 

Chuck Creekmur: I remember that one time you was dancing on the tables and all that, and at that point it seemed like you were one of the people you just talked about. Is that true and you just have learned, or was it like that from the beginning?

Bobby Shmurda: When I was dancing on them tables, I danced on cars. I used to just shoot the streets up in my slippers. I’m just a wild motherfu##er. Anything I do, I do anywhere. In jail, I danced on tables in jail. Everywhere: I’m always dancing on top of sh#t. Ever since I was a kid. I’m jumping table to table, I’m just that type of person.

But now, when I was getting that deal, everything I was saying back in 2014… I was telling them not to do, they was doing. 

Chuck Creekmur: Yeah.

Bobby Shmurda: Now, it’s vocabulary I had to learn. I had to learn what perpetuity means, I had to learn what a whole bunch of stuff means.

Slops: Forever!

Bobby Shmurda: I’ve been waiting for motherfu##ers to say some sh#t, I just play stupid. I’ll take my shoe off and when you motherfu##ers stop playing, fling my shoe at him. I’m playing, but you know you got to keep everything professional.

Bobby Shmurda: When I was dancing that time, I was really running from the streets. I was so blinded, I was just running from the streets and honestly, when I was 19, I didn’t give a f##k about the industry. I don’t give a f##k about celebrities. I could see celebrities walk right past me… When I was in the block, at that time if you had came and told me about a celebrity – say the biggest celebrity name. F##king Queen of England, I don’t give a f##k who. I didn’t even know who the president was at that time. Gangster, you know what I’m saying? I was one of those n##as.

ALSO READ: EXCLUSIVE: Bobby Shmurda Teaching Dance Lessons This Summer

Bobby Shmurda: You come tell me about some dumb sh#t on the block like “N####, I’m on the block.” You come tell me about some, whoever (rapper) just dropped or some sh#t, I probably just slap the sh#t out of you. “The f##k’s wrong with you ni##a? We got drugs going on, guns, (what the) f##k is this dumb ni##a talking about? We out here on it like that around them times in the hood. You can’t come around us talking about some dumb s###, talking about some gossip.” We’d slap the sh#t out of you like no tomorrow. 

More To Come From Our Talk With Bobby Shmurda


Taylor Bennett Talks Deciding To Come Out As Bisexual On Twitter

Back in 2017, Taylor Bennett revealed he identifies as bisexual. The Coming of Age album creator made the announcement to his followers on Twitter.

“I do recognize myself as a bisexual male & do & have always openly supported the gay community & will keep doing so in 2017. #ThankYou 🤘🏽,” tweeted Taylor Bennett in January of that year.

Hollywood Unlocked‘s Jason Lee recently sat down with Taylor Bennett. The Fox Soul interview included Chance The Rapper’s younger brother discussing his decision to publicly come out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

“I didn’t tell my dad, I didn’t tell my mom, I didn’t tell my brother. I literally said it on Twitter and then walked in the house and then told my dad, told my mom, told my brother while we were in Malibu or Miami for some trip that Chance was on,” recalled Taylor Bennett.

He continued, “I think it was like a thing where because I had that tool [Twitter] it made it something where I didn’t have to have those conversations like a lot of other people do or still do. And then also again, which this isn’t everybody’s situation, I was thinking all these different things like, ‘Wow, you got all these reasons that you could come out and be this person.'”

Taylor Bennett posted his 2017 coming-out Twitter thread the day before his 21st birthday. The now-26-year-old Chicago native also commented on how his spirituality connected to his courage to share his sexuality with the world.

“I grew up with different kids that were sleeping on the train and maybe not even telling me because they had been kicked out of their crib,” said Bennett. “I think the biggest thing was that I was about to be 21, so it was just like a space and a time where God, I think, kind of tapped me on the shoulder.”

XXXTentacion & Kanye West’s “True Love” Collab Set To Drop

A new single by Kanye “Ye” West and the late XXXTentacion will arrive later this week. Columbia Records is set to release “True Love” on Friday, May 27.

“True Love” will appear on both XXXTentacion’s upcoming Look At Me: The Album as well as Ye’s Donda 2. In addition, the song plays over the end credits of the Look At Me: XXXTentacion documentary.

Kanye West also designed the cover art for “True Love.” The image features handwritten notes by XXXTentacion which were scanned from a journal that his mother recently found.

The Sabaah Folayan-directed Look At Me: XXXTentacion film premieres on the Hulu streaming platform this Thursday, May 26. Look At Me: The Album will serve as a companion music project to the documentary.

Before his death in 2018 at the age of 20, XXXTentacion (born Jahseh Onfroy) dropped 2017’s17 and 2018’s ? studio LPs. His discography also includes the posthumous Skins in 2018 and Bad Vibes Forever in 2019.

Kanye West’s Donda 2 album is the sequel to 2021’s Donda. A few Donda 2 tracks debuted in February on the Ye-developed Stem Player device. The “Kanye West: Donda Experience Performance” concert took place at Miami’s LoanDepot Park on February 22.

Jack Harlow’s “First Class” Remains At No. 1 On The Hot 100 For A Third Week

Atlantic recording artist Jack Harlow still has the #1 song in America. The Kentucky native’s “First Class” held onto the top spot of the Hot 100 for a third non-consecutive week.

According to Billboard, “First Class” pulled in 25.2 million streams over the last week. The 19% dip in streaming numbers caused the track to fall from #2 to #6 on the Streaming Songs chart.

However, Jack Harlow’s “First Class” remains atop Billboard‘s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Hot Rap Songs rankings. The Come Home the Kids Miss You single has spent five weeks at the pinnacle of those charts, respectively.

Elsewhere on the most recent Hot 100, Kendrick Lamar debuted four songs from his Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers studio LP in the Top 10. The West Coaster’s “N95” opened at #3.

Lamar’s “Die Hard” with Blxst and Amanda Reifer launched at #5. “Silent Hill” with Kodak Black (#7) and “United in Grief” (#8) also bowed in the Hot 100’s Top 10 this week.

Future’s former Hot 100 Number One “Wait for U” featuring Drake and Tems slipped one position to #4. Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” held steady at #9. Latto’s “Big Energy” dropped two spots to #10.

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Kendrick Lamar Debuts Four ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’ Songs In The Top 10

Compton-raised emcee Kendrick Lamar currently has the #1 album in America. All eighteen tracks from Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers opened on the Hot 100 chart as well.

According to Billboard, nineteen songs by Lamar made it onto this week’s Hot 100. Four of those Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers entries landed in the Top 10. The pre-album loosie titled “The Heart Part 5” sits at #77.

Kendrick Lamar’s “N95” debuted at #3 on the latest Hot 100 rankings. “Die Hard” with Blxst and Amanda Reifer (#5), “Silent Hill” with Kodak Black (#7), and “United in Grief” (#8) are among the most popular songs in the country too.

In addition, Kendrick Lamar became just the fourth act in history to chart thirteen songs in the Hot 100’s Top 40 at the same time. He is also the sixth act to have at least nine songs in the Top 20 simultaneously.

Besides landing in the Top 5, “N95” also earned the honor of being the most-streamed song over the tracking period. The record collected 37.2 million streams since its release on May 13.

Kendrick Lamar now has twelve career Top 10 songs. His total Hot 100 count rose to sixty-nine. The pgLang co-founder presently has two Number Ones on the Hot 100 (Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” in 2015, “Humble” in 2017).

AJ Tracey Says A U.K. Accent Is “The Only Hurdle” U.K. Rappers Face In The U.S.

AJ Tracey believes U.K. rappers will gain proper recognition in America once Hip-Hop heads are in tune with the accent. 

“l want the rap purists to take me in and listen to the lyrics,” he said during a recent interview with On The Radar Radio. He added that he feels a lot of potential fans are sleeping on U.K. rappers because they are put off by the accent. “I feel like some people sleep, like U.K. rappers are actually saying stuff. Obviously not all of them, but a lot of us are actually rapping. But because of the accent some people are like ‘why would I listen to that?’” 

When asked if he thinks that’s a big obstacle for U.K. rappers to overcome, AJ Tracey replied, “I think that’s the only hurdle.” 

However, AJ Tracey believes the barriers are finally coming down and noted the similarities between cities on opposite sides of the pond.  

“London and New York are very similar. Like the attitudes, you know I’m saying? Like the culture, the way we live our lives, the things that we jack and don’t jack … so I feel like the only hurdle was the accent.” 

He also pointed to the success of other English-speaking artists who have become some of the biggest musicians worldwide. Once upon a time, I remember Canadian music, the accent wasn’t really accepted. Now, a lot of the biggest artists in every genre are Canadian, like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Drake, etc. So, obviously it’s going to come eventually.” 

AJ Tracey had a chance meeting with Drake earlier on in his career that helped shape him as an artist. He also had high praise for Pop Smoke whom he met before his passing in February 2020.  

AJ Tracey Says Pop Smoke Was “The One”

After discussing the impact U.K. drill producers and rappers have had on the U.S. scene, AJ Tracey responded, “Rest in peace Pop Smoke. It’s a shame bro we miss him, that was a massive talent and I feel like he was really about to permanently bridge the gap.” 

He added that Pop Smoke was “the one” and recalled meeting the Brooklyn drill artist before his passing. “He came over to London, he was showing everyone mad love, he was on tour with Skepta. He was linking all the man dem and he was very authentic. When I spoke to bro, he was super authentic. He knew about some of my tracks that aren’t that big, he just done his research before he met me. He was a cool guy, rest in peace.” 

He also dropped off a freestyle on the platform – check it out below. 

ro we miss him that was a massive talent and I feel like he was really about to permanently bridge the gap.”
He added that Pop Smoke was “the one” and recalled meeting the Brooklyn drill artist before his passing. “He came over to London, he was showing everyone mad love, he was on tour with Skepta. He was linking all the man dem and he was very authentic. When I spoke to bro, he was super authentic. He knew about some of my tracks that aren’t that big, he just done his research before he met me. He was a cool guy, rest in peace.”
He also dropped off a freestyle on the platform – check it out below.

Florida Hip Hop Artist Beauski Drops ‘Real Thing’

Florida-based hip hop artist Beauski has been making waves in the underground hip hop scene since he made his debut back in 2017.  The artist’s most recent drop ‘Real Thing’ showcases his songwriting ability, switching between melodic singing and bar for bar verses. Beauski plans to drop more music soon, be on the lookout.

You can listen to Beauski here: 

You can follow Beauski here: 

Who is Fsb Trell? 

Fsb Trell is definitely an artist you should keep your eye on. He is from the small town of Quincy, FL that’s located North of the state. Fsb Trell grew up in the neighborhood known as “Friendship” which is where he developed his stage name. He is uniquely known for creating imagery from his songs, which he has done with the release of ”Fool for a fool” and “Pain I Felt”. Even though this artist just seemed to begin making music, he is not new to it. Fsb Trell has made a few songs throughout the years but has recently decided to get more serious about his craft. We asked him, “What kicked in your motivation”? He responded: 

“Well I feel that I have a story to tell to the world and with everything going on I want to be an escape, and I know I make stuff people can relate to. Plus coming from a small town in North Florida I want to show people with dreams that anything is possible. I remember people close to me would literally get mad when I stopped making music. To them, it seemed like I was going to let my talent go to waste…They knew I had something… I did too”.

Upon getting back in the game, this artist has already had a chance to visit Boosie Estates where he met Boosie BadAzz, and has also secured features from some other well-known artists. These projects are set to be released in the coming months. What more will this Quincy Native bring to the industry? Let’s just wait and find out.

Follow and connect with Fsb Trell on social media:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fsbtrellx/

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Fsbtrellx/


Bilalalii Opens His Heart On ‘The Same’ 

International singer and songwriter Bilalalii just made his debut on all major streaming platforms. 
The artist entered the game with ‘The Same’, a bouncy, energetic single that showcases his ability to change up flows and cadences. 

You can listen to Bilalalii here: 

You can follow Bilalalii here: 

Rotem Farkash’s “Beginning” Stretches Your Brain & Releases Old Memories 

“Beginning” by Rotem Farkash has just been released. The song has garnered a large online following since its release. It became viral in a matter of days after its release.

Although Rotem Farkash is new to the music industry, his talent shows that he is everything but inexperienced. Rotem has put out five tracks so far this year. The depth of feeling that Rotem has tried to instill in them is evident in their voices. 

“Beginning” provides the listener the sense that they won’t get bored listening to the music. 

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Check out Rotem’s music on Spotify:

Freddie Gibbs Claims “It’s All Love” With DJ Akademiks & Gunna: “Nobody Gonna Get Hurt” 

Freddie Gibbs has had more than his fair share of troubles with other rappers, some of which resulted in altercations that went viral.  

After getting involved in brawls and challenging his rivals to a celebrity boxing match, the rapper says, “it’s all love.” The “Scottie Beam” hitmaker rapper discussed his online beefs during an appearance on the new Paramount+ series Yo! MTV Raps. Freddie Gibbs will be the first guest on the show when it returns to screens today (May 24). 

The show is hosted by Conceited and DJ Diamond Kuts, who asked the rapper about his beef, including his issues with Akademiks and Gunna. However, he says it was all talk, and no one was going to get hurt.  

Freddie Gibbs Says “I Love DJ Akademiks”

“I like it that way, it gotta be that way,” Gibbs said. “I’m from Gary and s### I gotta represent for them and you punking me, you punking Gary. I love DJ Akademiks, I like Gunna, I be bumping his s###. I like that s###, ‘I can’t f### with Freddie Gibbs,’ that’s my s###.  

However, according to TMZ, Freddie Gibbs made his comments before he got beaten up and allegedly had his chain snatched in Buffalo earlier this month. 

“I know these n-ggas is not me,” he added. “I’m something different, and that’s cool. It’s all love. We just leave it at that. We different n-ggas, ain’t nobody gonna get hurt ain’t nobody gonna punch nobody ain’t no nobody gonna shoot nobody.” 

Following the incident in Buffalo, Akademiks taunted Freddie Gibbs, claiming he was robbed of his chain. “Got confirmation that Freddie Gibbs chain is currently on a Greasy Neck Tour… Tour Dates coming soon.” he tweeted on May 16. “Its Going .. Hood to Hood.. Block to Block.. City to City,” he added. However, the rapper’s girlfriend posted a video where he refuted the claims.  

Matt Batsinelas Fills the Empty Places in Your Heart with His New Single “Throne”

“Throne,” a new single by Matt Batsinelas, has been published. Since its debut, the song has garnered a sizable online following. Matt’s great music, along with the song’s catchiness, has resulted in a masterpiece.

Matt may be fresh to the music world, but he is far from inexperienced. This year, Matt has five singles out. When you listen to them, you can hear the depth of feeling he has sought to instill in them. The song “Throne” is a good example of this. It’s a memorable tune that will appeal to people of all ages.

The music in “Throne” provides the impression that it might be played indefinitely without becoming monotonous. Whatever it is about the song that makes you want to hear it again and again, no matter how many times you hear it. Matt’s talents are clearly demonstrated by this.

Follow Matt on Instagram @mattybatss

Check out his new song on Spotify: