Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Meek Mill Usher In The New “State Property”?


Meek Mill is the man in Philly right now – point blank period. The rumor headline says it all. As you may know, Meek has great relationships with all the cats in Philly before him. I don’t know if he’s cool with the likes of Cool C and Jazzy Jeff (LOL), but he seems pretty cool with State Property, the cats that were once under Beanie Sigel’s wing.

So, we can all safely say there will never be another State Property, but rumors say Meek is working on something. I’m hearing there may be some interest in starting a label that will wrangle all the very talented people in Philly in one home. I’m hearing some certain members of the State Prop clique may be joining this crew.

On that front, I heard that Beanie Sigel has recently had some personal issues but its rapidly trying to pull together SP himself so that will be interesting if there’s any truth to it. You know, for a while there, I had a lot of Beanie rumors as it related to Jay-Z. Well I’m hearing that personal matters have cooled Beanie’s heels quite a bit. We SHALL SEE.

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