T.I. On Nick Cannon: We Can’t Slander Or Villainize One Of Our National Treasures

Tip offers a defense against the Black community canceling the television/radio personality.

(AllHipHop News) Following days of condemnation, Nick Cannon sat down with Rabbi Abraham Cooper. The discussion was part of Cannon’s public reconciliation with the Jewish community following comments he made that were viewed as anti-Semitic.

In addition to the Cannon’s Class conversation with Cooper, Cannon was also a topic during an interview involving Tip “T.I.” Harris. The Atlanta-bred entertainer spoke about the Howard University graduate on The Breakfast Club.

“It ain’t our job to cancel him. First of all, let’s look at Nick Cannon’s career and his reputation. Look at how many Black people he’s put in position and helped and got off of zero. Look at how time after time after time, he’s made contributions to the culture. I think that has to speak for him,” T.I. stated.

The expediTIously podcast host added, “We must hold him accountable if necessary, but we can’t just discount and discard our people because don’t no one else do their people like that. Why we expected to throw ours away when they make a mistake?”

Cannon apologized to his “Jewish sisters and brothers” after ViacomCBS ended business ties with the Wild ‘N Out show creator. Some of his Black followers turned on him over that concession which led to concerns that Cannon could be suicidal because of the overwhelming negative responses online.

T.I. defended Cannon’s decision to offer remorse. He said, “Whether you agree or disagree with the apology, I don’t think you take that apology and use it as a reasonable justification to slander or villainize one of our national treasures. We just can’t do that. We, as a people, can’t afford to do that. I don’t know how strong motherf*ckers think we is in this sh*t, but in order for us to make it to where we’re going, we got to stick together.”