Miloud’s Road To Stardom Using Social Media

Miloud, also known by his stage name Arobiyo, is a 20-year-old Dutch music artist who is making music and gaining a lot of attention on social media.

Miloud, also known by his stage name Arobiyo, is a 20-year-old Dutch music artist who is making music and gaining a lot of attention on social media. He currently has over 21.5k monthly listeners on Spotify, a global platform for music streaming. He has been making his own music since he was 14 but started releasing his works only recently. His strong social media presence helped him gain this success in his music career.

As technology started to reach a wider audience around 2010, a lot of new people started to realize the potential of the internet. With the huge growth in the number of internet users, many individuals started creating profiles on social media platforms. In the Netherlands, Hyves became the most popular social media platform, so Miloud jumped on the bandwagon and started to establish himself online. He was just nine years old when he created his own account but became very famous soon.

Miloud’s popularity in Hyves was so enormous at a very young age that he became one of the 20 most respected personalities on the site. He carried this success over to Twitter which at that time was growing rapidly as a social media platform. Miloud’s Twitter account became the first account by a teenager in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Back in 2012, Twitter had over 500 million users and was on its way to becoming the 2nd largest social media site after Facebook. However, a number of other sites came to prominence, including Instagram and TikTok. Miloud launched his Instagram account, where he often posted videos of him performing and recording covers. However, it was TikTok that gave him more room to show his creativity and talent.

TikTok, a social networking site focused on sharing short videos had over a billion active monthly users in 2021. It became a platform for talented people like Miloud to showcase their skills without actually performing on stage or recording in studios. With a verified account on TikTok, Miloud has reached wider audiences and engages with his supporters all over the world.

Miloud began releasing his original music on Spotify in April 2020 and within six months had garnered 1.5 million streams. By the end of the year, he successfully crossed the 2 million mark on Spotify. This strongly boosted his music career. This was very impressive especially because he took his time before making his own music known to the public.

The COVID-19 pandemic seemed like bad news for a lot of people in the entertainment and music industry. But with the vast technological advancements, a lot of new artists had the chance to make themselves known to the world. Technology allows music artists to connect with fans online and make an impression on them. For the music industry, the internet has become the main source for reaching a wider audience around the world. Artists like Miloud have benefited from this and have used their presence online to boost their reputation and gain a huge following for themselves. Social media became the starting point of his music career and is continuing to sustain it. Miloud is an inspiration to other artists looking to build their careers and make a name for themselves with the power of the internet and social media.