BREAKING: Investigators Believe 40 Cal’s Daughter Saniyya Dennis Committed Suicide

The police gave a tragic update today in the case of 40 Cal’s 19-year-old daughter.

The search for 40 Cal’s daughter may end in tragedy, according to the Erie County District Attorney.

40 Cal’s, a battle rapper who was once associated with The Diplomats, has been in a desperate search for his daughter Saniyya Dennis since April 24th.

Saniyya went missing from her dormitory at Buffalo State College, sparking an intense, 12-day search for the sophomore.

But now District Attorney John Flynn said all of the evidence has led investigators to believe the 19-year-old committed suicide.

A review of Saniyya’s phone records revealed she called her ex-boyfriend 66 times and sent a text saying “I’m not feeling good – I think I’m going to kill myself.” The video surveillance captured Saniyya on a bus, which was heading to Goat Island near Niagara Falls.

According to phone logs, Saniyya had a 45-minute chat with another male friend and told him she was planning to jump off and into Niagara Falls. The male friend told investigators that he thought he had talked her out of taking her own life.

“She was troubled over the breakup of her boyfriend, obviously, she was troubled over the circumstances that that happened that day. Everyone reacts differently to crisis in their lives depending on your age depending on your background [and] depending on what’s going on in your life,” Flynn said.

Phone records revealed Saniyya arrived on Goat Island around 1:30 a.m. on April 25th. And, investigators used K9s to follow Cynthia’s scent, and when they reached an area called Luna Island, the dogs tried to jump over a railing and into the waters below, to follow her scent.

The overwhelming evidence seems to point to a tragedy – Saniyya took her own life.

“An exhaustive search has been done and an exhaustive review of the records and evidence has been conducted and it appears that this poor girl took her own life,” D.A. John Flynn said. “Now some are going to say well ‘I mean Mr Flynn without a body I mean do you definitively know that she took her own life?’ And my answer is ‘no of course not, I can’t definitively say that at all, that she took her own life.’ All I can do is present you with what I have and I presented everything I had to her parents yesterday afternoon.

“Everything I just told you and gave you I gave to her parents yesterday afternoon. And obviously, without a body, without an autopsy being done, we’re never going to definitively know. So like I said to the parents, all I can do is be honest with you. I respect you, I’m not going to sugarcoat this at all. I’m going to tell you the God’s honest truth of what I have and this is what I have,” Flynn continued.

“There is a possibility that we may never find a body,” Flynn continued choking back tears. “There is possibility that she may be caught in those jagged rocks and if she is that’s going to be horrible for the parents. I feel awful for the parents. I feel awful that I don’t have a conclusion and that I can’t give these parents their daughter. But that’s what we have.”

However, the investigation into Saniyya’s disappearance will remain open and will not be closed until her body is found, which may never happen due to jagged rocks, and rushing water of Niagara Falls, which surrounds Luna Island.

“Let me reiterate. Do I hope that I look like a fool and she shows up somewhere? Yeah, gosh make me look like a fool, I don’t care. I hope she shows up. And God willing we can get this girl some help,” District Attorney John Flynn said.