42 Dugg Pleads For Help Over Prison Conditions: “I Need The Best Civil Lawyer In Georgia” 

42 Dugg

42 Dugg claims he is deprived of hot water to heat his food, banned from family visits, and accuses U.S Marshals of interfering in his case.

Just weeks after being sentenced to a year behind bars, 42 Dugg has made a plea for help claiming the conditions in his prison are so dire that he’s deprived of his basic human rights.  

Although the 4PF/CMG artist was sentenced last month, he has been locked up since 2022. 42 Dugg took to Instagram on Tuesday (May 16) to complain about the conditions in his prison, including claiming he has no access to hot water to heat food, although he has since deleted his posts.  

He also claims he was supposed to be released last October, stating, “they illegally held me without reasoning.”  

Furthermore, 42 Dugg said U.S. Marshalls told the prison to stop him from attending a Zoom court hearing for an old case to prevent him from being released to a halfway house.  

42 Dugg Calls For “The Best Civil Lawyer In Georgia”

“Bruh these muthafuckas been sending all kinda guards to talk to me seeing if ima ask for something,” he claimed. “The crazy thing is they putting me on game, they telling me the marshals tryna ruin your life, they dont want you going home. They haven’t even submitted my paperwork for me to receive my out date and calculate my days, I need. The best civil lawyer in Georgia man.” 

42 Dugg continued, “Im in jail for going to the gun range, dropping dirty and failure to appear. I didn’t steal from nobody, hurt nobody, they handling me crazy. Man im in this b#### heating my food up with the water from the nasty ass shower. They dont even give us hot water to heat our food up aint no microwave, I can’t get no visits from my family nothing. Im sure they gone do some more illegal s### but what I pose to die in this b#### for probation violation.” Check out his posts beloow.

On Apr. 26, a judge sentenced 42 Dugg to one year behind bars for failure to report for a six-month prison sentence. He was also ordered to serve three years of supervised release and pay a $20,000 fine.  

He was initially arrested in May 2022 and has been held at the U.S. Penitentiary Atlanta since that time.