50 Cent Mocks His Son Marquise Jackson’s Child Support Complaints

50 Cent

50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson claimed his father didn’t pay enough child support when the G-Unit rapper paid $6,700 per month.

50 Cent trolled his son Marquise Jackson in a video released on Thursday (October 13).

The G-Unit rapper reacted to his son going viral for complaining about child support payments. The video featured 50 Cent ridiculing Marquise Jackson while lounging in a bubble bath.

“This n####’s crazy,” 50 Cent said. “25 years old, why you still talking about child support?”

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Later on in the clip, 50 Cent’s crew stopped by and jokingly asked for an extra $6,700 per month. Marquise Jackson suggested his father’s $6,700 monthly child support payments weren’t sufficient.

“$6,700 a month in the state of New York, you do the math,” Marquise Jackson said in an Instagram Live conversation with Choke No Joke. “You’re talking about a Forbes lister. You’re talking about someone that has problems with everybody. You can’t just live in any neighborhood.”

Marquise Jackson addressed the backlash to his comments in an interview with TMZ. He claimed his relationship with 50 Cent was the real issue, not money.

“I don’t even know if a sit-down can actually restore the [relationship],” Marquise Jackson said. “It’s more so an olive branch. If you’re up for it, I’m up for it. I’m definitely willing to sit down with him and get his perspective and gain a little bit of understanding. We’re both men at the end of the day. We should be able to agree and disagree and it not be a problem.”