50 Cent Reveals The Astronomical Amount Of Dollars He’s Spent On Legal Fees

50 Cent

50 Cent reflected on the amount of money he’s spent on legal fees since the G-Unit boss rose to fame in 2003.

50 Cent recalled how much money he’s spent on legal fees as a celebrity in an interview with Brian J. Roberts.

The G-Unit rapper said he racked up over $23 million in legal fees since 2003. 50 Cent admitted he was taken aback by how much money he’s spent on litigation over the years.

“I spent over $23 million in legal fees since I’ve had success in 2003,” 50 Cent told Roberts. “So, when you say you successful or that you rich in a different way, that money was just written off as expenses of business. You in it and I’m going, ‘What?’ I’m like, when I look at it myself and really see how much you spent on that, I was like, ‘Wow!’”

He added, “The only thing anyone in America can do is sue someone. And the lawyers will always do it pro bono or say, ‘We’ll defend you in exchange for 30 percent of what we receive off of this because we do see a case here.’”

50 Cent’s latest legal battle involves a MedSpa owner named Angela Kogan. He accused her of implying he received penis enlargement surgery.

If the two cannot reach a settlement, the case will head to trial in July 2023. Earlier this week, 50 Cent commented on an AllHipHop report about the trial.

“Yeah my dick is a BIG DEAL set for trial in july no enhancement necessary,” he wrote on Instagram. “tTese fools put them selves out of business. SMH.”

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