EXCLUSIVE: MedSpa Owner Still Fighting To Toss 50 Cent’s Penis Lawsuit

50 Cent

50 Cent sued MedSpa owner Angela Kogan for allegedly implying the G-Unit rapper received penis enlargement surgery.

Perfection Plastic Surgery and MedSpa owner Angela Kogan stood firm in a legal battle against 50 Cent.

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Kogan’s attorneys reiterated their arguments for throwing out 50 Cent’s lawsuit against the MedSpa owner. The 47-year-old rapper sued Kogan for allegedly implying he received penis enlargement surgery.

Kogan’s lawyers responded to 50 Cent after he asked a judge to deny her motion to dismiss. The attorneys claimed the G-Unit leader’s lawsuit is “premised upon knowingly false information and/or misplaced blame.”

“Defendants are admittedly confused by the pompous nature exhibited within Plaintiff’s Response to Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss,” Kogan’s legal team wrote. “Notwithstanding, the entire nature of this dispute is dependent on misplaced fault and/or Plaintiff’s desire to avoid embarrassment attributed to the simple fact that Plaintiff is a recipient of medspa services. Plaintiff’s Response goes through great effort to undermine Defendants at every turn.”

They continued, “However, the fact of the matter – which cannot and shall not be avoided – is clear: (i) at no point in time has Defendants ever stated that Plaintiff received penile enhancement and/or plastic surgery services from Defendants (nor does the article that serves as the impetus of this action include any such statement attributable to Defendants), and (ii) Plaintiff is a past client of Defendants. Any assertion to the opposite affect alleged by Plaintiff is a complete fabrication, and borders on commission of fraud upon the Court.”

Kogan’s attorneys said 50 Cent wrongfully blamed her for an article published by The Shade Room. The story featured a photo of the two together, but Kogan never claimed 50 Cent had penile enhancement surgery in the interview.

“A simple review of the entire matter makes it clear that Plaintiff’s issue is with the author of the TSR Article, as such individual is the one who elected to include Plaintiff’s image therein,” Kogan’s legal team noted. “However, due to the fact Plaintiff is likely aware that use of Plaintiff’s name and image therein is a product of one’s freedom of speech, Plaintiff has shifted his vitriol to Defendants, who did nothing but provide Plaintiff with medspa services in exchange for a photo to be used on Defendants’ social media.”

Kogan’s lawyers suggested 50 Cent only took legal action because he was embarrassed. They contended his grievance was misguided and had no standing in court.

“The entirety of Plaintiff’s Complaint crumbles under the truth of the matter, as properly presented herein,” the attorneys wrote. “Plaintiff’s embarrassment as the butt of social media jokes is one thing, but to weaponize such embarrassment for the purpose of seeking equitable and/or monetary damages from Defendants borders on abuse of process.”

Kogan requested the case be dismissed with prejudice. If granted, 50 Cent won’t be able to refile the lawsuit.