50 Cent Taunts Rick Ross Onstage In Canada Following Vancouver Brawl 

50 Cent Rick Ross

50 Cent continued making jokes at Rick Ross’ expense, mocking the MMG honcho following the brutal brawl in Vancouver. 

50 Cent celebrated his birthday with a concert in Canada, and he couldn’t help but take a jab at Rick Ross after his recent altercation in Vancouver. 

The G-Unit honcho roasted Rozay live on stage, mocking him between songs.  

“I can’t believe what y’all did to Rick Ross—you f##### him up,” 50 said before joking that he spotted the man who swung on Ross in the crowd. “Who was it, you did it? There he go right there. Who said Canada was soft? Who said that s###?”

50 Cent says in another video, “They f### with me out here. They beat Rick Ross the f### up.” Meanwhile, Uncle Murda added, “We’re going to Canada, and we ain’t them other n#####, you heard.” 

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Rick Ross recently addressed the incident but claimed he was untouched during the violent brawl. After sharing an extreme close-up of his face to show he had no bruises, he claimed he was hit—but only with a flying drink.  

Describing the alleged punch-thrower as “the little short fat one that looked like Bam Bam Bigelow from wrestling,” Ross claimed he got in his face and warned him. 

“I squat down to his eyes and I said, ‘Boy, if I hit you, you gon see everything you ate for the last few days,'” he recalled. “His balls dropped out of his ass, he never said another word, he never did nothing he was a straight buster.”

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Nonetheless, 50 Cent clowned Rick Ross in a series of posts. He also shared a video mocking Rozy before joking about the incident on Instagram Live with Keith Sweat and DJ Earthquake.