600 Breezy Says Quavo Will Be Labeled A Snitch If He Testifies Against Takeoff’s Killer

Takeoff Quavo

“Where we come from and how we live, it’s just the rules of how it’s set up.”

The topic of snitching has been a hot-button issue in Hip Hop lately. According to 600 Breezy, even Quavo testifying against the person who killed his nephew, Takeoff, is against the street code.

A gunman killed Georgia native Takeoff in Houston in November 2022. 600 Breezy recently appeared on VladTV. The Chicago-bred recording artist spoke about the late Migos member’s death and the possible fallout from the situation.

DJ Vlad mentioned security for Quavo and Takeoff may cooperate with authorities in the pending murder case. 600 Breezy agreed the bodyguard should assist in the prosecution of the alleged murderers.

However, the “Don’t Get Smoked” rapper would not give a pass to Takeoff’s own uncle helping the government convict any defendants. 600 Breezy pushed back on the idea of Quavo testifying in court.

600 Breezy Doubts Quavo Will Cooperate With The Prosecution

“I doubt one bit that Quavo would get on the stand and say anything that’ll make people say, ‘Oh, Quavo’s a snitch,’” said Breezy. “For the sake of his career and all that s###, his nephew’s gone. His nephew’s dead and gone. Nothing he can do to bring him back.”

The supposed Black Disciples gang affiliate also added, “He wouldn’t do that to himself. If Quavo sat there and took the stand to say anything about that situation, he got the snitch jacket on him now.”

Additionally, 600 Breezy also suggested Atlanta rapper T.I. snitched when he testified at a 2008 trial in support of his deceased friend Philant Johnson. The Grand Hustle label founder told an Ohio jury about the fatal May 2006 shootout.

“Where we come from and how we live, it’s just the rules of how it’s set up,” stated Breezy. “You can’t be a snitch. You can’t be labeled as a snitch, you don’t want to be a snitch. It’s code. A lot of this s### is stupid, don’t get me wrong.”