6ix9ine Suspected Attackers Arrested For Brutal Gym Beating & Robbery  


Cops say they have arrested the men suspected of beating up Tekashi 6ix9ine in a brutal attack in a South Florida gym earlier this month

Three men suspected of jumping Tekashi 6ix9ine while he was working out are in custody. 

Several assailants were said to have ambushed 6ix9ine while he was in the sauna at a South Florida LA Fitness gym on March 1. According to his attorney, the controversial artist suffered extensive injuries in the unprovoked attack. He tried to defend himself against the assailants, but he was outnumbered and ended up badly beaten.  

6ix9ine didn’t have security with him at the time. The rapper was rushed to a local hospital and treated for a blood clot in his eye and multiple fractured ribs.  

Footage of the beatdown surfaced online, as did recordings of the suspected attackers in the moments before approaching the rapper. While many theories emerged surrounding the identity of the suspects, cops believe they have the attackers in custody.  

A spokesperson for the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office confirmed to TMZ that cops arrested three men for assaulting and robbing the New York native. Rafael Medina, Jr., Octavious Medina and Anthony Maldonado were booked and processed into county jail on Thursday evening (March v30).  

6ix9ine Flees to Cuba

6ix9ine fled the country and resurfaced in Cuba earlier this week, where he was seen hiking up a mountain.  

However, the notorious attention-seeker is not laying low and seems to be making a musical comeback. A video circulated online of 6ix9ine wrapped in a Cuban flag while crooning in Spanish, apparently recording a new music video. 

He was accused of causing chaos and “humiliating” the country by tossing money at fans while visiting last month. The Cuban government reportedly shut down the internet for hours in February to stop the videos of the incident from circulating.