AE Begs Amber Rose For A Second Chance After Being Unfaithful Over A Dozen Times

AE and Amber Rose

The tables have turned on Amber Rose’s estranged husband AE, who is begging the supermodel to take him back after he publicly dumped her!

Over the summer, Amber Rose appeared to be devastated after her boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards dumped her.

Amber put AE on blast to her 21 million-plus followers on Instagram.

Amber claimed AE, who is the father to their child Slash Electric, cheated on her with 12 different women.

At the time, AE, 33, had no problem admitting to his infidelity and laughed off the entire situation during various interviews.

But now, it seems as though the tables have turned on AE.

Over the weekend, he posted a desperate message to his Instagram account, begging for Amber’s forgiveness.

“I want to sincerely apologize to my beautiful wife @amberrose you didn’t deserve what I did to you. You are an amazing person and a wonderful mother to our boys,” AE said. “I’m sorry for the pain that I’ve caused you, my son slash, and my stepson Sebastian. All I want is my family back, and I’m willing to do anything to make things right. Please forgive me 🙏🏼😢.”

AE Begs Amber Rose For Forgiveness

Unfortunately, Amber reconciling with AE may very well be out of the question at this point.

Shortly after he embarrassed her in public, Amber took to Instagram to explain she had been a faithful wife.

“I’ve been loyal and transparent, but I haven’t gotten same energy in return. I’ll never say the girls names because I’m not in the business of ruining lives,” Amber said as she took the high road.

“As for him…The lack of loyalty and disrespect is ridiculous, and I’m done,” Amber Rose said.

Amber has yet to reply, but it appears she’s going about her business with her family.

The superstar model enjoyed the holiday weekend by taking both of her sons to a Los Angeles Kings hockey game.