Amber Rose Stars In “Trump Trump Baby” Video With MAGA Rapper

We can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Amber Rose evidently isn’t playing when it comes to her support for Donald Trump. Two months after officially endorsing Trump on her Instagram page, Rose is starring in a new video inspired by the 1990 Vanilla Ice hit “Ice Ice Baby.”

The MAGA-themed visual, “Trump Trump Baby,” finds Rose starring alongside Forgiato Blow as an ode to Trump and a takedown of Joe Biden’s presidency.

The single features lines such as, “Democrat party going to take your freedom/Indictin’ our president ’cause they can’t beat him” and “The media is the enemy of the people/The Democrats and the fakes news always be cheatin’.” Among the song’s refrains are “FJB” (f### Joe Biden) and its euphemism “let’s go Brandon.”

Forgiato Blow is known for his support of Trump and his association with the MAGA movement. Raised in South Florida, he comes from a wealthy background linked to the Auto Trader publishing empire. He began his music career in 2013 but gained significant attention with his pro-Trump song “Silver Spoon” in 2016. Blow has released several albums and collaborated with artists like Vanilla Ice and Kodak Black. His music often addresses cultural and political topics, reflecting his conservative views.

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As for Amber Rose, she’s faced significant backlash for endorsing Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential election. The model and TV personality, known for her advocacy on women’s rights, LGBTQ+ issues and anti-racism, shocked many by posting a photo with Trump and expressing her support for his campaign. The move was particularly surprising given her past criticisms of Trump, where she labeled him an “idiot” and a “sexual predator.”

Fans and critics pointed out the contradiction between Rose’s endorsement and her advocacy work. Trump has been associated with policies and remarks that are seen as harmful to women’s rights and communities of color.

Amber Rose attempted to justify her stance by suggesting that Trump offers more reasonable compromises on certain issues compared to other politicians. However, her arguments have done little to quell the controversy, leading many to question the sincerity of her endorsement and its impact on her credibility as an advocate​.

“Trump Trump Baby” certainly won’t help her public image. The video arrived three days ago and has racked up roughly 34,000 YouTube views. Watch it below at your own discretion.