ARP Says “Absolutely NOT” To Norbes Joining RBE

Rare Breed Entertainment’s owner and spokesperson is not one to mince his words. He took to social media to unequivocally declares that Street Star Norbes is not wanted over at his league.

(AllHipHop News) The Ultimate Rap League (URLtv) released a statement last week stating that long time employee D. Velez aka Street Star Norbes was fired.

Shocks ran through the battle rap world as the creator of so many of SMACK/URLtv’s franchise cards was let go.

Norbes helped grow Proving Grounds series that has cultivated some of the league’s top talents, such as John John da Don, Geechi Gotti, Nu Jerzey Twork, Th3 Saga and more.

His dismissal seemed to come out of the blue and while many people pointed to the fight between Norbes and a battler earlier in the year, rumor has it that there was more than that (bad business dealings) to the story.

Battle rap media went berserk with the news. Funny enough, more people were concerned with who wrote the statement at URL than finding out why Norbes was fired.

The search for the author was a thread woven between all the vlogs and IG Live posts. But another thing kept popping up: What will he do next?

Norbes took to IG to make a video to share his side and said that he was open to working with rival leagues King of the Dot (KOTD) and Rare Breed Entertainment (RBE).

He suggested that he respected their business and that was not against that idea being floated.

While he was ok with that. … Someone was not.

The face of RBE, ARP, made his own video and unequivocally shut down that conversation.

He not only wants no parts of Street Star Norbes but showed through a cannon of videos all the times that Norbes basically sh##ted on his league. Nah … don’t nobody want you at RBE, so cut it out.

Make sure you have your popcorn on hand, as you check out eight ways that Norbes gets destroyed by RBE for making that silly vlog.

There you have it: Norbes may not be bringing his amazing talent skills to Rare Breed Entertainment.

But who cares: ARP has curated their own talent and in a few short years positioned themselves as forces in the battle rap world.

Check out their Social Distancing series that has everyone gagging off their originality and the Chef Trez and Charron battle from The Get Back. Many are saying already, that it may be the battle of the year.

1. ARP basically told Norbes not you ever use his name, Laurence, Shotta or the league’s name to p### off your old boss and buddies, basically trying to make it seem like the brand is petty. (Apx. 2:25 mins.)

2. Stop acting like you were not a part of all of the “phone calls,” “interviews,” “shots,” and “meetings” that were anti-RBE. (Apx. 3:40 mins.)

3. ARP reveals that “allegedly” there may be phone calls and screenshots that have been recorded where he was talking bad about his brand, evening referencing the 1991 hood classic “New Jack City”, “S##t is deeper than Nino Brown.” (Apx. 4:35 mins.)

4. ARP uploaded old videos where ARP tried to reach out to Norbes to “talk like men” about the conflict and disrespect between the two leagues … but Street Star swerved him. (6:00 mins.)

5. ARP uploaded old videos where he talked about how Norbes consistently called himself an “A######,” and show other clips of Steams and Queenzflip talking about how funny style he is — noting how people forget. (8:00 mins.)

6. Breaks down all of the scenarios that shows Norbes as a “turncoat.” (9:30 mins.)

7. ARP says he spoke to King of The Dot and … “I’m pretty sure [they] feels the same.” (10:15 mins.)

8. Laurence from RBE wishes Norbes well, but ARP and Shotta all clown the notion that the former URL staffer will ever work with them. (10:28 mins.