A$AP Rocky Adds To Drake Beef On Future & Metro Boomin’s “Show Of Hands”

A$AP Rocky

Future and Metro Boomin’s latest projects have become the home for Drake disses.

A$AP Rocky joined the Drake diss party by taking shots at the OVO star on Future and Metro Boomin’s song “Show of Hands.” The track appeared on Future and Metro’s project We Still Don’t Trust You, which dropped on Friday (April 12).

“Call up Pluto, Metro, should’ve put me on the first one/N##### swear they b#### the baddest, I just bagged the worst one/N##### in they feelings over women, what? You hurt or something?/I smashed before you birthed, son, Flacko hit it first, son/Still don’ trust you, it’s always us, never them/Heard you dropped your latest s###/Funny how it just came and went,” Rocky rapped.

Rocky’s verse alluded to rumors of his alleged past with Sophie Brussaux, the mother of Drake’s son. Rocky dissed Drake in response to two songs from the Canadian artist’s 2023 album For All the Dogs. Drake explicitly referenced Rocky on “Another Late Night.”

“I ain’t pretty flacko, b####, this s### get really rocky,” Drake rapped.

Drake’s “Fear of Heights” was widely believed to be aimed at Rocky’s partner Rihanna. Drake’s repeated use of “anti,” the title of Rihanna’s last album, convinced fans he was talking about their complicated relationship.

“Why they make it sound like I’m still hung up on you?/That could never be/Gyal can’t run me/Better him than me/Better it’s not me/I’m anti, I’m anti/Yeah and the sex was average with you/Yeah, I’m anti ’cause I had it with you/Okay, I’m auntie like your daddy’s sister/Auntie like a family picture/And I had way badder b###### than you, TBH/Yeah, that man, he still with you, he can’t leave you/Y’all go on vacation, I bet it’s Antigua,” Drake declared.

Future and Metro Boomin’s We Still Don’t Trust You created more drama for Drake. J. Cole left Drizzy hanging, appearing on the project after Kendrick Lamar dissed both men on Future and Metro Boomin’s previous release We Don’t Trust You. The Weeknd seemingly dissed Drake and OVO’s Baka Not Nice as well.