Beyoncé Fans Rush To Defend Blue Ivy’s Dance Moves Following Paris Performance

Beyoncé Renaissance World Tour

The 11-year-old took the stage during a stop in Paris amid the expansive RENAISSANCE TOUR.

Blue Ivy—Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s eldest child—performed several dance moves with her famous mother earlier this week. The 11-year-old took the stage during a stop in Paris amid the expansive RENAISSANCE TOUR. Shortly after the performance, Blue Ivy became a trending Twitter topic, with thousands of people weighing in on her surprise appearance. Par for the course, reactions were mixed. Many criticized the young girl, calling her “stiff,” while others came to her defense.

As one person wrote, “Dear Black Women, Blue Ivy is 11 years old performing for the first time in front of 80k people. Stop hyper-sexualizing her saying she’s too stiff or making inappropriate comments about her body. Y’all are no different than the men. She’s a child. Y’all acting like Pedos.”

Another added, “Blue Ivy is literally 11 years old and people expected her to perform like an experienced dancer? The kid was probably doing the 8 counts in her head trying not to mess up on a big stage with 80k people watching. She did an amazing job.”

The “stiff” comments were out in force, though—albeit with some comedic effect. One person wrote, “Blue Ivy is too stiff for a Beyonce kid but we forget whose genes also participated” but paired it with several photos of JAY-Z looking not so athletically gifted.

Others went the cruel route, saying things such as, “See how these lame wackos always want to praise this untalented nepo baby just because she’s Beyonce’s daughter? We can clearly see that Blue Ivy can’t dance she’s stiff and uncoordinated. There’s a million kids that dance way better than her.”

Another added, “Mannn y’all hype anything. Blue Ivy ass was stiff as hell and was looking around at other dancers to see what move was next likeeeeee it’s giving forced to perform but y’all gone act like she snapped knowing she didn’t SORRY NOT SORRY.”

Still, it appeared Blue Ivy was getting plenty of support for her willingness to step onstage.

“It’s so sad how adults are projecting on Blue Ivy,” a fan shared. “Beyoncé is not grooming her to be the next Beyoncé, she is a child who spends time with her mom & most probably wants to perform with her cause she has been at rehearsals & knows the steps. And her mom let it happen for her.”

The RENAISSANCE TOUR continues in London on May 29 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium where Beyoncé will perform five dates. She’ll then head to Barcelona on June 8. The tour lands in North American on July 8.