Blac Chyna Spazzes Out In Pro-Vaccine Rant At Airport

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna told a woman to get the COVID-19 vaccine during a heated confrontation at Miami International Airport.

Blac Chyna ranted about the COVID-19 vaccine at an airport, but she happened to be in favor of vaccinations.

Although airlines have experienced lots of anti-mask disruptions during the pandemic, Blac Chyna was pro-protection in her tirade at Miami International Airport. During a confrontation at an airport terminal, the socialite yelled at someone to get vaccinated.

“Go getcha f###### vaccine and stop being stupid, hoe,” she shouted in a clip from the scene.

According to TMZ, a woman with a baby asked Blac Chyna for a photo. This apparently set the reality television star off as she inquired if the mother was vaccinated.

Blac Chyna’s rant seemingly went off the rails as she started talking about flying around the country. In the clip, she mentioned traveling from Washington, D.C. to Miami to Los Angeles.

Police weren’t called on Tyga and Rob Kardashian’s ex since the situation never escalated beyond a loud argument. But she did have plenty of travelers staring at her while airing out the woman in public.

Blac Chyna has been an advocate for vaccination, even going so far as to get her COVID-19 vaccine live on Instagram. After receiving the shot, she encouraged all of her followers to do the same if they hadn’t gotten it already.

View the rant above and watch footage of her receiving the COVID-19 vaccine below.