“Blade” Setback: Director Cuts Out

Mahershala Ali

Marvel’s “Blade” reboot suffered another setback as producers try to bring the vampire hunter back to the big screen.

Director Yann Demange has exited Mahershala Ali’s “Blade” film, adding another hurdle to Marvel’s ambitious project.

The Wrap reported that Demange’s departure leaves the project’s leadership void as Marvel searches for a new director for the long-awaited reboot.

Initially, Demange had stepped in to replace Bassam Tariq of “Mogul Mowgli” fame, who himself withdrew over creative disagreements.

This marks the second time “Blade” has lost a director, casting uncertainty over its future.

Marvel’s Eric Pearson, known for his work on “Fantastic Four,” is currently drafting the latest script iteration. Nic Pizzolatto and Michael Green crafted previous versions.

“Blade” has faced numerous challenges since its reveal at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019. Its initial production start date of late 2022 was pushed back following Tariq’s unexpected exit.

Further delays ensued amid last year’s writers’ strike, despite Mahershala Ali’s commitment to the titular role, briefly teased in a voice cameo during the post-credits of 2021’s “Eternals.”

Marvel remains cautious about not rushing the production.

An insider revealed that the studio prioritizes perfecting the storyline over adhering to a hasty schedule.

With “Deadpool & Wolverine,” “Captain America: Brave New World,” “Thunderbolts,” and “Fantastic Four” already lined up – either completed or mid-production – Marvel can afford to take its time with “Blade,” currently slated for release in November 2025.

The task of bringing the iconic vampire hunter back to life is no small feat.

Wesley Snipes’ portrayal in the original Blade trilogy from 1998 to 2004 set a high bar.

The studio’s strategy suggests a careful, calculated approach focused on getting every detail right.