Blueface Investigated By Cops After Inviting Fan Onstage To Fight Jaidyn Alexis 

Blueface Jaidyn Alexis

Blueface accused a fan of throwing ice before inviting her onstage, where he pushed her into Jaidyn Alexis, and a scuffle ensued.  

Blueface has found himself in hot water with the law after inviting a fan onstage to fight Jaidyn Alexis before shoving her down to the ground. 

Footage of the incident surfaced online Sunday (December 17) featuring the “Thotiana” hitmaker hosting an event at a club in Salt Lake City, Utah, alongside his on-and-off-again girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis.  

Blueface accuses a concertgoer of throwing ice at Jaidyn Alexis and tells the woman to come up on stage. She seemingly denies being the culprit, but Blueface persists. “You didn’t throw nothing? You’re the only one with a cup of ice,” he said before adding, “Come on up here. Don’t be scared now.” 

As the woman steps onstage, Blueface urges the mother of his eldest children, “You know what to do. Yeah, get her,” before pushing the fan toward Alexis. 

The woman seemingly falls to the floor, and a scuffle ensues with multiple people as security attempts to intervene. “Let her up here,” he continued to shout into the mic. 

Blueface encourages Jaidyn Alexis to fight the woman even after security breaks up the scuffle.  

Salt Lake City PD Investigating Blueface

While Blueface faced online backlash once clips surfaced online, he could face further repercussions. The Salt Lake City Police Department is investigating the incident, according to Legal Affairs and Trials reporter Meghann Cunniff. A spokesperson for the SLCPD confirms the department is aware of videos showing an incident involving an “out-of-state musician.” 

“The Salt Lake City Police Department is currently reviewing calls for service, any applicable police reports, and the videos posted online to achieve a complete understanding of the incident and the circumstances,” the statement reads in part.   

Taking a break from his Soulja Boy beef, Blueface took to social media Monday (December 18) with a warning to leave Jaidyn Alexis alone.  

“Don’t play with Jaidyn,” he penned on X. “It’s that simple don’t throw none don’t say none it’s gone go up every time.”