Blueface Denies Jaidyn Alexis Engagement Is Publicity Stunt: “That Don’t Make No Dam Sense”


The Milf Music leader jokes that 18-year-old Lil Mabu has to give him sex now.

Blueface wants the world to know his love for Jaidyn Alexis is genuine, at least that’s what he shared on Monday (October 30) via social media. Blueface proposed to Alexis at the Los Angeles Rams game against the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this month. The couple have reportedly been dating on and off for years.

Not surprisingly, some social media users questioned if Jaidyn Alexis and Blueface’s engagement was just a clout-chasing moment, but he pushed back on that narrative.

“Jaidyn is the only female I would ever get on one knee for, this ain’t no publicity stunt,” he tweeted. “[The f###] I’ma marry somebody for clout for, that don’t make no [damn] sense.”

Additionally, Blueface has been involved in a rocky on-again, off-again relationship with his Crazy In Love co-star, Chrisean Rock. The Baltimore-born Blue Girls Club and Baddies cast member gave birth to Blue’s third child in September.

Blueface claims he still makes money off Chrisean Rock despite the fact they no longer appear to be together romantically. Blue also said Rock’s 18-year-old “Mr. Take Ya B*tch” collaborator, Lil Mabu, is part of his Milf Music label roster as well.

“Everyone I wanna introduce you to my newest artist on Milf Music, Lil Mabu. He’s about to blow [the f###] up,” Blueface declared. He later joked, “Mabu gotta give up some ass now he sign to me. Ima get that but.”

However, the credits for “Mr. Take Ya B*tch” do not list Milf Music as a distributor. Milf Music did release the “Barbie” single by Jaidyn Alexis. The track’s music video has amassed more than five million YouTube views since its premiere on October 2.