Blueface Mad At Chrisean Rock Over Rick Ross Pic; Leaks Recordings Of Her Dissing Friends 

Blueface Chrisean Rock

Blueface clashed online with Chrisean Rock after she posed for a photo with Rick Ross, leading the rapper to expose Rock in secret videos.

The drama surrounding Blueface and Chrisean Rock continues as the turbulent couple clashed on social media once again Sunday evening. 

As fans of the pair have become accustomed to both parties aired their side of the beef online, which began with Blueface claiming Chrisean Rock was involved in the rumored Halle Bailey and DDG breakup and intensified after the reality TV starlet took a photo with Rick Ross at the Super Bowl.  

Blueface then accused Rock of dissing her friends and leaked secret recordings of her talking bad about them. 

After Blue retweeted several posts of Chrisean’s selfie with the MMG Boss, the “Vibe” hitmaker took to Twitter to share a screenshot of his alleged reaction to the photos.  

“Im at the Super Bowl running into ppl not even trying to trigger u or seem like a weird b####. Im really dat famous ppl go out they for a pic,” she tweeted.

Blueface also claimed his girlfriend was involved with Rubi Rose leaking DMs DDG allegedly sent her while dating the Little Mermaid star.  

“Leaking dms is lame af fr I knew rock had some to do with that I’m sorry,” Blue tweeted, tagging DDG in the post. Rubi Rose appeared to back up Blue’s claims in a video shared on social media.  

 “I just want to let you know that she’s the reason for everything today. It wasn’t me,” Rubi Rose stated while on Instagram Live with Chrisean.

In addition, Blueface questioned Chrisean’s loyalty to Halle after both couples went on a bowling double date last year. Rock denied responsibility for the leak and accused her man of clout chasing.  

Blueface Shares Secret Video, Accuses Chrisean Rock Of Being “Fake”

“Y’all wan see how fake rock is in real life watch this 😂,” Blueface continued before sharing his clandestine recordings, including one of Chrisean allegedly talking bad about BIA.

“This what she really thinks of her best friend DJ SKY 😂” Blueface penned. “She just using her for rides what a bummer.” 

The Los Angeles native continued, threatening to expose what Chrisean Rock “really thinks of Rubi rose.” However, he said he didn’t want to be “petty.” 

Nonetheless, he claimed the “Baddies South” blamed Rubi Rose for cozying up to celebs for attention because she’s “washed up,” and “boring.” He added, “she just using her for a place to stay in AZ.”  

Chrisean denied using her friends and fired back by threatening to expose Blueface, claiming she had to get a tattoo to cover up a bald spot left after he pulled out one of her braids.  

“Let’s talk about the broad u pulled out my head,” she tweeted. “So I had to comprise with a tat to cover up what u did to my hair.”