Blueface’s Mom Pleads With Kim Kardashian To Get Son & Chrisean Rock Out Of Jail 

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Karlissa Saffold denied calling the cops on Chrisean Rock and called for Kim Kardashian to free her and Blueface.  

Karlissa Saffold is calling on Kim Kardashian to intervene and get Blueface and Chrisean Rock out of jail. 

Rock was dramatically arrested earlier this week on a felony warrant while supporting Blueface in court. Blue’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, took to Instagram on Tuesday, pleading with Kim Kardashian to use her platform to free the incarcerated couple.  

“Can you please get my grandson parents out of Jail!!!” Saffold wrote on her IG Story.  

Instagram/Karlissa Saffold

In a follow-up post, Saffold denied responsibility for Chrisean Rock’s arrest. “My son and his BM know dam well I ain’t called no cops,” she wrote. “So if that was your reason for calling them God will definitely show the world you playing with the right one.” 

In an Instagram Live, Saffold addressed her heated row with Blueface’s father about who should look after their grandchild following Rock’s arrest.  

“If Chrisean wouldn’t have left the order for Marsh to get the baby, I do not believe that Jonathan would have left the baby there,” Saffold said. “But he did show his ass, like he didn’t feel like babysitting.” 

According to Saffold, Blueface’s dad should have stepped up, knowing both Chrisean Rock Jr.’s parents were behind bars.   

“At that point when the mama and the daddy is in jail, that’s not babysitting, that’s called grandparenting. So I didn’t like his verbiage, so I lost my temper,” she added. ”I blew up.” 

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