Boosie Badazz Mocks Yung Bleu & His Son In Explosive Rant 

Boosie Badazz unleashed on his former friend in an explosive rant, claiming Yung Bleu is washed up and even came for his family.  

The ongoing feud between Boosie Badazz and Yung Bleu got heated after the pair exchanged harsh words online, even dragging their kids into the spat.  

On Thursday evening (June 13), the Baton Rouge native unleashed on his former friend in an explosive rant. Boosie claimed Yung Blue is washed up and claimed his “squatting’ in a house bought with money stolen from Boosie. He also took aim at his friend-turned-foe’s son.  

“Dont get mad cause you aint booked every weekend across the country like your ceo,” Boosie began. According to Boosie, Yung Bleu has become “miserable“ because fans are tired of his music, which lacks direction. “U dont know if u wanna be a rapper, rnb, country, [or] rock n roll artist,” he added. 

After repeating his gripe about stolen money, Boosie came for Bleu’s family. “Maybe my kids can come over n help yo retarded ass son count to five,” he said.  

Yung Bleu Claims Boosie Is “Obsessed” With Him

Boosie was responding to a post Bleu shared the day before, accusing him of being “obsessed” after Boosie mocked his sales during a recent interview. He also mentioned Boosie’s family in his since-deleted post.  

“Boosie got my nuts in his mouth every interview,” Bleu wrote on Wednesday (June 12). “That n#### obsessed. I dropped a rap album with one week promo and no singles just to get out my deal, and did 17x more than you.” 

Referring to the “Wipe Me Down” hitmaker’s recent home expansion, “Boosie Town,” which includes homes for his children, Bleu continued.  “Them kids dnt wanna live on your plantation,” he said. “Buy them kids a house.” 

The feuding artists spent much of 2023 airing out their issues online. Yung Bleu was originally signed to Boosie’s imprint Bad Azz Music Syndicate. When he left to join Empire, Boosie alleged he was screwed out of millions of dollars and claimed his signature was forged to facilitate the deal.