Boosie Reacts To Gunna’s Plea Deal: “He Stuck Thugger Out To Free Himself”   

Gunna Boosie

Boosie claims Gunna taking an Alford plea in his YSL RICO case “makes it bad on Young Thug,” who is still awaiting trial from behind bars.

Boosie claims Gunna has made it harder for Young Thug to plead his innocence in the YSL RICO case after the “Pushin P” hitmaker took an Alford plea on Wednesday. 

As part of his plea deal, Gunna admitted YSL is a gang and expressed “personal knowledge” of their criminal activity. During the hearing, he attested that: “YSL is a music label and a gang, and you have personal knowledge that members or associates have committed crimes in furtherance of the gang.” 

Gunna secured his freedom after receiving credit for one year served while the rest of his five-year sentence was suspended. Despite his insistence not to testify against the remaining YSL members on trial, some in the Hip-Hop community believe the damage has already been done. 

While Boosie did not go as far as Wack 100 and call Gunna a snitch, the Baton Rouge, Louisianna native claims “he f##### over Thugga with that one.” 

Boosie Claims Gunna’s Plea Deal “Makes It Look Bad On Young Thug”

Boosie addressed Gunna’s plea deal on Instagram Live, stating, “he stuck Thugger out to free himself.” 

“I see Gunna just thugged the big dawg out. S### don’t go like that,” Boosie explained to his IG Live viewers. “He admitted to a criminal organization. He f##### over Thugger with that move. If y’all not in the street, you don’t know how s### goes.”  

According to Boosie, Gunna would have escaped lightly if he refused the plea deal. “They only had one charge on him, that was a bad move. He couldn’t get over five years.” he speculated. 

“Now this makes it bad on Young Thug. He just pled guilty to a criminal enterprise and he Gunna, so what that do to Thug?” Boosie questioned, shaking his head before adding, “That ain’t good for Thug what he just did.”  

Boosie continued, “Now, once you do that, when Thug go to court, they gone bring that up. Gunna, his main man, say they do have a criminal enterprise, [so] it’s a gang. They gone bring that up. That help him get something.” Check out his comments in the video below.