Bow Wow Says He’s Unfazed By Rappers & Athletes Dating His Exes

Bow Wow

Bow Wow claimed he has no problem with other celebrities dating his exes unless it’s someone he considers a friend.

Bow Wow insisted he has no ill will for rappers and athletes who date his exes. The multi-platinum-selling artist discussed how feels about seeing other celebrities with his exes in an interview with the Art of Dialogue.

“It don’t bother me,” Bow Wow said. “It don’t bother me at all. It don’t. It’s not even a bragging rights thing. You know some cats would be like, ‘Oh, I was the first person’ … [There are] so many fish in the sea. I mean people gonna like who they like. People are gonna date who they wanna date. And as long as it ain’t a potna. Like to me, that’s when the s### gets weird. Like if it’s one of my bros or it’s some s### like that.”

He continued, “But if I don’t know you and we don’t have that type of relationship, fair game. It’s fair game. I mean if you not my woman no more and the next n#### been plotting on it and he want it, by all means, go ahead. ‘Cause I’m on to the next, believe me. I always find ‘em.”

Bow Wow recalled how he became friends with a man who dated one of his exes. He stressed the importance of moving on after the end of a romantic relationship.

“I’m never tripping on no woman or any of my exes once they move on,” he said. “If anything, I’m happy for ‘em. All honesty, there’s been times where I coulda—put it this way: you never wanna trip when the woman is not yours no more because you never know. You and that dude that you probably wanted trip on or whatever if it’s weird, y’all probably got a lot in common. “

Bow Wow dated Ciara, Erica Mena, Angela Simmons and more notable names in the past. He is the father of two children: one with Joie Chavis and the other with Olivia Sky.