Nick Cannon Apologizes For Causing “Pain” With Announcement Of His Latest Baby

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon has issued an apology for publicizing his new baby with Bre Tiesi, and including his late son Zen in the announcement. Read more!

Nick Cannon has apologized for mentioning his son’s passing as he announced he was expecting another child.

In December, the 41-year-old television personality lost his five-month-old son, Zen, who he shared with model Alyssa Scott.

Earlier this week, he mentioned Zen’s passing while announcing he was expecting his eighth child – his first with model Bre Tiesi – on an episode of “The Nick Cannon Show.”

The comedian received criticism from many for Zen’s inclusion in the announcement, including Scott, who said it was “painful having my son be a part of conversations that aren’t in alignment with his light and legacy.”

Nick Cannon apologized for the remarks in the opening segment of his talk show, saying he “always” wishes to respect the privacy of his children’s mothers.

“I know I can do better when dealing with delicate and sensitive discussions. I promise you, I promise the mothers of my children, I promise my family, that I will do better and continue to be more understanding, caring, compassionate like they often show me each and every day,” he said.

Nick Cannon admitted that he “misspoke” and “probably went into too much detail during the announcement.”

“It felt like I was probably making some comparatives discussing the passing of my son Zen and then also talking about the new child I’m expecting. I didn’t have to do that… those are two completely separate moments in life,” the presenter continued. “They both deserve the respect… grieving is a process… I sincerely apologize to everyone involved for any extra pain or confusion I may have caused.”