Cam’ron Retires Outfit From Viral CNN Interview To “Hall Of Fame” 


Cam’ron paid tribute to the outfit he wore during his disastrous CNN interview, retiring his clothing following a “legendary week.” 

Cam’ron was slammed online after following his recent viral CNN interview, but he’s continuing to see the funny side of the awkward interaction.  

The rapper-turned-sports podcaster made headlines last week following his disastrous conversation with correspondent Abby Phillip. However, he wants to commemorate the interview by retiring his outfit to the “Hall of Fame.” 

Cam took to Instagram to pay tribute to the black Diplomats t-shirt, bucket hat and sunglasses he wore during the infamous interview.  

“You had a legendary week, man,” he said, speaking to the clothing. “I’m not leaving you guys; I’m just letting you know I’m proud of you. You going in the Hall of Fame. I’m proud, man. I gotta put y’all into the Hall of Fame.” 

He continued, adding, “I can’t wear y’all again. Y’all had a Hall of Fame week. Look at the rays of light shining down on y’all.” Cam’ron also “retired” the can of the Pink Horse Power sex supplement he promoted in the CNN interview.  

The Dipset member said he felt blindsided when Philip asked Cam about his reaction to the surveillance footage of Diddy assaulting Cassie Ventura and the subsequent apology. 

He said Diddy behavior in the video was “egregious,” before distancing himself from the fallen mogul and turning on the antics. He took a swig of his supplement, telling Phillip, “I’m gonna’ go get some cheeks,” and questioned why he was there.