Cardi B Does Not Have Herpes; Major Set Back For Nemesis Tasha K

Cardi B

Cardi B turned over her medical records to a judge, who recently revealed the rapper does not have any STD’s as she prepares to battle vlogger Tasha K!

It’s official. The Bronx bombshell Cardi B does not have herpes.

For a few years, YouTube blogger Tasha K has spread the rumor that the “Bodak Yellow” rapper had the STD.

Cardi has denied this claim vehemently, which is at the core of a lawsuit between the Tasha K and the “WAP” performer. Cardi wants Tasha K to pay for what she’s been saying about her.

Now, she has more than just her own testimony to back her up. Court documents reveal that a federal court judge reviewed records from the Center for Women’s Pelvic Health at UCLA to verify if the chart-topper has Herpes of HPV.

The results confirm that Cardi is clear of both incurable diseases.

Simply, the judge says, “The Court has received and reviewed the records and finds that they are not helpful to Defendant.” Afterward, the judge ordered the records sealed until their defamation trial on January 5, 2022.

In addition to saying that Cardi has Herpes, Tasha K said that Offset’s wife also was once a prostitute and did hard drugs.

The GRAMMY Award-winning artist says that these accusations have been harmful to her reputation and were flat-out lies. In a countersuit, the blogger contends that Cardi has sicced her fans on her and instructed them to harass her on social media.

A judge dismissed those claims, stating that Tasha K did not have evidence to support this assertion.

But Cardi does have proof of Tasha K talking cray about her online.