Cardi B Encourages “50/50” Relationships After Being Left Homeless By An Ex

Cardi B

Cardi B urged women to go 50/50 in relationships after she was left homeless when the man she was financially dependent on kicked her out.

Cardi B has weighed in on the debate sparked by GloRilla last week over whether women should contribute 50/50 in their relationships. 

The NYC rapper agreed with her “Tomorrow 2” collaborator saying women should be financially independent if they want to build a future with their partner. 

Furthermore, Cardi has some experience in the matter, revealing she was once left homeless after the man she lived with kicked her out.  

When the topic came up during a recent Instagram live session, Cardi B explained, “I am not totally against 50/50.” She went on to add that it “really depends” on the individual “situation” and “lifestyle.” 

Cardi offered a scenario where a couple, earning $50k a year each, plan to buy a house as an example. However, only one party contributes to the bills and other household expenses. “B#### y’all never gonna buy a f###### house,” she stated. “And that just goes if you want to be a part of something.” 

Cardi acknowledged that some women might want to be kept by their partner but warned against it. ‘You ain’t got no say so in nothing,” she explained before adding, “A n#### could kick you out whenever.” 

The Grammy Award winner speaks from experience, having been kicked out by an ex before. “I didn’t like that feeling,” Cardi B recalled, revealing she was left homeless and had to sleep in a space below the roof of her building. 

Cardi B Reveals She Went 50/50 With Offset On ATL Home

She added, “I love to get maintained, but I do like ownership of certain s###. That’s why I went half and half on my house in Atlanta with my n####.” Cardi said while she is the sole owner of her NYC house, she and husband Offset plan on buying an NYC apartment together. They also will go halves on a place in L.A. Check out her comments in the clip below.