GloRilla Urges Women To Be Financially Independent And Go “50/50” In Relationships 


GloRilla encouraged women to pay their way and go “50/50” in relationships to avoid being left high and dry if their man leaves.

Days after GloRilla went viral for telling women to avoid looking for love in the club, she is dishing out more advice to her female fans. 

 The CMG artist acknowledged that while “some people might want to fight about it,” she needed to address women taking financial responsibility in their relationships.  

On Wednesday (Nov. 30), Glo took to social media to share her thoughts on the topic. She encouraged women to go “50/50” with their partners to prevent getting stuck if their man cheats or walks out. “You should want to be a team,” she explained before saying if a man is putting in all the work, he’s likely to take advantage and cheat.  

“He paying all your bills b####! You don’t want you billpayer to leave, you need to be on your own s###. You need to have your own s### going,” GloRilla added. 

Glo acknowledged that some women will say they’re still making their own money, although their man pays all the bills.  

However, according to GloRilla, “You need to be in the habit of paying for your own s###. Because no matter how much you got your own money, all them bills that was getting paid by the n####, that s### gon’ change. It’s gone be a whole financial change for you. You got to pay all the bills. Now you can’t do what you want to do no more.” 

GloRilla Says Women Should Go 50/50 In Relationships

She concluded, “I just feel like s### should just be at a certain pace, like 50/50. Y’all making yourself feel needy and s###.” Check out her comments in the videos below. 

Earlier on Wednesday, GloRilla defended her recommendations for women to stay “F.N.F.” by avoiding love in the club after stating men only go there to look for “hoes.”  

Nonetheless, in her upcoming collab with Latto and Gangsta Boo, GloRilla gets ready to “f### the club” up, although presumably not to find a love interest! The song arrives Friday. Watch the snippet below.