Cardi B Explains Why She’s Offended When People Call Her Mexican

Cardi B

Cardi B’s father is Dominican and her mother is Trinidadian. Trolls like to antagonize her by saying she’s Mexican.

Cardi B admitted she’s fed up with trolls calling her Mexican. The hitmaker, who has Dominican and Trinidadian roots, discussed her frustrations in a livestream on TikTok.

“A lot of people keep saying damn, why is it I feel offended when people call me Mexican?” she told viewers. “Because I’m not Mexican! I’m not Mexican. My nationalities don’t have the same culture. We speak the same language, we have different dialects. We don’t eat the same food, we don’t eat the same nothing. Call a Nigerian Ghanaian. Call a Haitian Jamaican. Call a Jamaican a Haitian. Call Guyanese a Trini and you tell me how they gonna feel. You tell me how they gonna feel!”

Cardi B demanded respect as she implored people to stop referring to her as a Mexican. She knew social media users were trying to get under her skin, but the trolling bothered her.

“And stop playing with me ‘cause y’all know that I’m not Mexican,” she stated. “Y’all do that s### to irritate me. And not only do you y’all call me a Mexican, y’all call me a dirty Mexican. So, of course, I’m gonna defend myself every single time you guys do it. You’re not gonna keep erasing my nationalities.”

She continued, “You’re not gonna keep erasing who I am … Never in my life growing up did I ever hear anybody call me a f###### Mexican … When I was coming up, y’all wasn’t calling me that. But now y’all do call me that. “

The Atlantic Records artist jokingly said she wished she was Mexican because she wanted the cartel to punish her trolls. She pictured her detractors getting “chopped up” and tossed in a river for upsetting her.

Cardi B released her latest single “Enough (Miami)” in March. Her sophomore album is expected to drop this year.