Cardi B Hits Back At Claim She’s Throwing Shade Instead Of Celebrating Offset On Anniversary Post 

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Cardi B celebrated her love for Offset as the Hip-Hop super couple marked their six wedding anniversary on Wednesday. 

Cardi B gushed over her husband, Offset, in an Instagram post celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary on Wednesday (September 20).  

The Migos rapper spared no expense in honoring his wife for the occasion. The “Bongos” hitmaker shared a video of their mansion foyer decked in lavish floral arrangements. She paid tribute to her husband in a lengthy post, revealing her favourite thing about him.  

“Thank you for the flowers, the empowerment, the protection and for being a great father to our children,” Cardi penned in the caption. “I love so many things about you,” she declared, adding that she loves that Offset provides, protects and helps them grow together.  

She also said her husband “can handle my mouth, my attitude, my confidence my weakness and all this ASS!!”  

However, what Cardi B admires most is Offset’s minute attention to detail.  

“You study me and always pay attention to what I’m into,” she continued. “I love that you into details like me because it’s always the lil things that make me smile or even drive me off the wall.” 

Check out the video below.  

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However, despite the loving sentiments, one commenter accused Cardi B of being so “miserable” that she’s “focused on throwing shade,” and not celebrating her happiness.  

A bewildered Cardi B responded, questioning where the shade was. “I’m really confused? I gotta reread again,” she replied. “How am I throwing shade? What the hell y’all be on for real?” 

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In other Cardi B and Offset news, Nicki Minaj’s husband was ordered to serve up to 120 days of home detention after threatening Offset last week.