Cardi B Responds To Alleged Death Threat: “Gonna Have To Shoot Me And Kill Me” 

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Cardi B said, “I’m comfortable in my city,” and wherever else she travels after suggesting someone put “a threat on my head.”

Cardi B spent several hours on Wednesday (Aug. 24) engaged in an online war of words with a Twitter user over her recent court case. 

The self-proclaimed “Nicki Minaj Connoisseur,” claimed Cardi owes money to the two women who took her to court over a bar fight. However, the “Hot Sh*t” rapper denied the claims and said the Twitter user was seeking attention, hoping to go viral. The pair went back and forth, and “SleezeMaraj” went as far as to claim Offset slept with Saweetie in the past.  

Cardi B later clarified that while she doesn’t want to argue “with Stans on Twitter,” sometimes “things just get a little frustrating.” 

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However, she returned to the social media platform with a quick tweet and delete, aimed at someone she claims is threatening her life. Although Cardi B did not say who made the treat, she said she was not worried.  

“A nikka putting a threat on my head ?” Cardi B questioned. “Lmmmaaaaoooooo I gotta laugh ! I’m comfortable in my city ,LA,down south to where ever the f### I go! nikka gonna have to shoot me and kill me.” 

She continued, “Like WHEN YOU SEE ME WHAT NIKKA ? It’s all fun and games till nikka start makin then threats.” 

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Elsewhere on Wednesday, Cardi B defended her husband Offset amid his legal battle with long-time label Quality Control Music. The rapper filed suit, accusing QC of wrongfully trying to take a cut of profits from his solo music. 

She took to Instagram to clarify the situation from her perspective and let it be known that “enough is enough.”  

“Offset bought himself out his Qc deal after they didn’t want to negotiate his contract,” she wrote. “I’m tired of people trying to make offset look like the bad guy……ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”