Cardi B Slams Critics Accusing Her Of Misleading Black Women With Hair Oil Claims 

Cardi B

Cardi B rejected accusations that she is misleading her Black female fans by “selling” her homemade hair oil.

Cardi B shared a selfie showing off her waist-length natural hair while promoting the use of a homemade hair oil, and some folks lost their mind.  

On Tuesday (August 8), the “Jealousy” hitmaker took to the platform formerly known as Twitter with a natural selfie. 

“My hair has grown sooooo much!!!” she wrote. “Let me know if y’all want a video my my HOMEMADE hair oil… handmade by ME!” 

While many fans asked for her hair care tips, with some urging her to “bottle it up and sell it,” others accused Cardi of misleading her Black female fans.  

“Black Women wanting hair growth tips & oil from her is crazy,” read one comment. The post garnered over five million views and was quoted over a thousand times.  

“Y’all really don’t see how a LATINA selling “hair growth oil” to BLACK women could be misleading?” another user replied. “A bunch of fried eggs.”  

However, Cardi B was quick to clap black, denying selling any hair care products. She also blasted the user and pointed out she’s been sharing hair care tips for years. Her recipe for a creamy and moisturizing all-natural DIY avocado mask went viral when she first shared the formula in 2021. 

“IM NOT EVEN SELLIN ANYTHING YOU D###### B####,” the NYC icon responded. “I been showing my hair growth journey to my fans since 2016!” 

Cardi B Shows How Her Hair Changed Over The Years

The Grammy Award winner followed up with a post showing the changes in her hair throughout her life.  

“This is me as a child.. this is me as a teenager.. this is me in my early 20’s…and NOW,” she wrote. “Everyone wants to blame my hair growing on genetics but where was the genetics when I was in school?? The facts are you need hair products and good care that works for you to maintain it and keep it healthy.. sometimes it’s not even just about growth it’s about keeping it HEALTHY and the growth comes 

When fellow rapper Kash Doll responded to the backlash by asking for her products, Cardi B offered to get her right.  

“Girl come to my house,” she penned. “I will wash your hair down myself wit boiled onion water & make you a thick ass hair mask and have my auntie do your blow out …….Maaa liquor and food too !!!”