Charleston White Brands Tia Kemp “A Horrible Black Mother,” Blasts Her For “Shaming” Rick Ross  

Rick Ross

Charleston White went on a rant about Tia Kemp, accusing her of “emasculating” her son by publicly shaming Rick Ross.  

Charleston White didn’t hold back when sharing his opinion of Rick Ross’s ex Tia Kemp.

The internet provocateur rarely passes on the opportunity to weigh in with his two cents on any Hip-Hop headlines, and this time, his gripe was with the mother of Rozay’s son William Roberts III. Like White, Kemp pulls no punches when sharing her take on trending topics, even while discussing the father of her children. 

White took to Instagram on Monday morning (June 23) with a message for the new Aunt Tea podcast host. White branded Tia Kemp a “horrible Black mother,” and slammed her for “publicly shaming” Rick Ross.  

“The things that you say about your children’s father or your children’s mother, you picked them,” White began. “You laid down with that person. So as you talk about your children’s mother or father, you’re actually talking about your children because you have the same chromosomes.” 

White continued in the caption, “[Tia Kemp] is a horrible Black mother, her public words towards her sons father, affect the child! This is one of the main reasons I chose not to have a child with a Black woman! She’s emasculating her male son by publicly shaming the father of her son! She’s a disgrace as a Black mother.” 

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As fans in the comment section pointed out, Charleston White can expect a likely imminent response from Tia Kemp.  

“Unc vs auntie. This back and forth about to be hilarious,” one person wrote, while another added, “Yuntie going live soon as she wake up.” 

Furthermore, White claimed he rejected Kemp’s invite to appear on her podcast, calling her a “rotten bxtch.” He added, “I Ain’t Doing Shxt with them sour hearted bxtches” was my exact response to their producer.” 

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