Chrisean Rock Says “I Don’t Want To Be Saved” But Fans More Concerned For Her Son 

Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock clarified her face tattoo of Blueface is real while on Instagram Live as her baby cried and coughed in the background.

Chrisean Rock sparked concern after debuting a new face tattoo of Blueface a month after covering an existing inking of the rapper on her neck, but fans are more concerned over her son’s health.  

Many fans believed the tattoo was fake and claimed the reality TV star was clout chasing. However, hours after showing off her new ink, Chrisean took to Instagram to confirm the tattoo was real.  

“It’s not fake,” she insisted. “I don’t know why y’all keep saying it’s fake. I got it done professionally at a place where they do some real good s###.” 

Chrisean also said she and Blueface plan to give it another try when he gets out of jail. She claimed she and Blue are unhappy with anybody else before implying the MILF Music founder was faking his relationship with Jaidyn Alexis for financial purposes.  

She also responded to a commenter who said they couldn’t save her. “B#### I don’t wanna be saved, obviously.” 

However, this did little to quash concerns for her or her son Chrisean Rock Jr. The baby cried in the background while Chrisean talked to her fans on the stream, leaving many worried about her parenting skills and her baby’s health.  

“chrisean more worried about talkin on blueface when nobody literally cares or asked,” one X user wrote. “Meanwhile her baby struggling to breathe, crying, coughing, colicky, choking and sitting by himself she kept talking, pick him up, put him down, and cont. to talk about blue.” 

Others feared for her mental state following her latest tattoo and desire to reunite with Blueface.  

“This n#### Blueface said f### her baby, exposed the babies private parts all online and stupid ass Chrisean goes and gets a tattoo of his face on her face. She is NOT ok,” another person added.

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