Ciara Reveals She Shared Her Prayer On Summer Walker’s Album For Women To Relate To

Russell Wilson and Ciara

Ciara celebrated her husband, Russell Wilson’s birthday earlier this week and revealed how her prayer for him ended up as a song.

Ever since Ciara revealed that prayer helped her find now-husband Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, “Ciara’s Prayer” became a thing of legend.  

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Ciara and Russell with their family this Thanksgiving

Now, the “Level Up” singer has revealed how her prayer made it onto Summer Walker’s album. During a recent appearance on “Level Up Radio with Ciara” on Apple Music the chanteuse let it be known, it’s not just about what you pray for, it’s the intention behind it.  

Ciara slowed down the pace to play “Ciara’s Prayer” and explained, “It’s crazy because it’s not even an actual song, but there’s so much intentionality and it is a prayer. Yes, of course my fans have been asking me for forever for this.” 

The decision was an easy one for Ciara to make once she got the call from Summer Walker asking her to be a part of the project. “I thought it would be amazing to join her,” she said. “She’s going on this incredible journey, one that I think a lot of us women can relate to.”   

As a woman and a mother on a similar path, Summer’s story resonated with Ciara. “When she called me, I said, ‘Absolutely, I’ll do this.’ And it was just so much fun, being able to allow myself to be vulnerable in that moment. I’ve had many invulnerable moments in my life and as my fans always would say, “The prayer, the prayer, the prayer.”  

Ciara Says “Praying With Intentionality Works.”

Ciara turned to prayer to overcome the struggles she was facing as a single mother trying to find balance in the various aspects of her life.  

“Yes, I did pray when I was in a very challenging place in my life,” she said. “I was a single mom and figuring out that part of my life and what that was feeling like to me, and it was just a completely surreal situation for me.” 

Ultimately, Ciara says prayer worked for her once she was intentional with it. “And I’ve always been a believer in praying, and so that’s just who I am. And yes, I did pray with intentionality when I was at that time of my life, and I will tell you guys that praying with intentionality works.” 

Elsewhere, Ciara celebrated her husband’s birthday earlier this week with a moving tribute posted on Instagram. 

“On this day, a Leader was born. My King,” she wrote. “On this day, a Compassionate Man was born. An incredible Husband and Father. On this day a Champion was born. An inspiration to so many! My Greatest Inspiration.” 

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Listen to the full episode of “Level Up Radio with Ciara” on Apple Music here.